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New Mandatory Topic in Kindergarten? How To Be Gay Fab-u-lous!

Aren't you so glad that the Supreme Court kicked that dastardly Christianity out of our nation's public school systems so they could concentrate on teaching children more valuable life-long lessons?

This comes from the Commonwealth that gave us John Adams, no less.

Can you imagine what he would have ended up as if he had gone through the Lexington public school district as it exists today?

(h/t kindred)



#1 Cletus 12-Oct-2008
I am an avowed athiest, but I am still of the firm conviction that faggotry should not be taught in school. Go ahead and be gay, but keep that shit behind closed doors. The whole gay lifestyle, tight shirt wearing, glitter makeup having, limp wristed, prancing men who act like twelve year old girls, makes me sick to my stomach.
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