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More Palintography

Hey, wait a minute, aren't I supposed to be discussing wire service photojournalism?

Yeah, pretty sure that's what Snapped Shot is supposed to be all about.

Apparently, I've missed out on yet another doozy, since I haven't been paying close attention to the presidential press corps. You remember a while ago how the press couldn't seem to get enough of Obama's shining halo? Or even glorious pictures of his warm spirit?

It would seem that the press has a different view of Sarah Palin entirely.

Quite respectful, even.

To think that the it's the Left that constantly refers to us as being "sexist" pigs. Perhaps the insane side of the American political elite needs to spend more time examining itself in the mirror these days?

Anyway, sorry for dropping the ball on this one. I know y'all have high expectations of this blog as a photo-media watcher, and I feel somehow that I've let you down once more. Like I always do.

At least I can comfort myself with the knowledge that we Republicans are still as dark and sinister as ever, right?

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#1 Pursuing Holiness 09-Oct-2008
Snapped Shot notices that photojournalists are ALL OVER a major man bites dog story.  She’s frequently pregnant, but definitely not barefoot.
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