The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Life in Liberal-Infested Territories

It's this blissful.

Earlier today, when I was stopped at a stop sign going through Gerry Connolly's diverse and tolerant Vienna, Virginia today, another driver flew right up next to me in his silver Acura.

He then proceeded to lean out the window, shake his fists at me, and yell in my general direction pretty loudly.

Of course, seeing how I drive a nice and cozy Saturn Aura, and my windows were up, I didn't hear a word of what he said. Which means Saturn has worked wonders in sound-proofing the car, no?

I'm guessing that he must be a fellow fan or something. It's a mystery to me.

Anyway, while I'm on the topic, and before I go and pass out, the Mrs. has pointed me to a group of Russians celebrating American politics, as only Russians can.

With poetry, yo!

To wit, a poem which will evoke the very essence of America's own Walt Whitman:

И как бы демы не пытались (No matter how hard the "Dems" try)
Надеть стране тюрбан чумазый, (to make the country [America] wear a grimy turban)
Мы победим, не зря ж старались - (We [Republicans] will win, we didn't do it for nothing)
Утопим сучек в нефти с газом ("Da b*tches" will drown in oil and gas)

More neo-classic Russian poetry beyond the fold.Drill, baby, drill:

И дрелью длинною своей (And with a long drill)
Бурить мы в океане станем (We will drill in the ocean)
Войну развяжем. Штуки две (We'll start the war. Maybe two.)
Всем тем, кто не согласен с нами ([against] All those who disagree with us.)

I love squishing lawyers, too:

Порежем тэксы и врачей, (We'll cut the taxes and the doctors)
Раздавим лойеров мощами, (We'll squish the lawyers with all our might)
Жизнь станет лучше и чищЕй, (Our lives will be better and cleaner)
Хотите жить ? Миритесь с нами .... (Want to live? Make peace with us ....)

[All poetical excellence courtesy the handful of Republicans over at It's My Page.]



#1 DMartyr 10-Oct-2008
When someone shakes their hand at me and shouts, I just happily wave back, à la Jan Brady (The Brady Bunch Movie).

That usually pisses them off even more, which achieves my goal.
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