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Allah's Dark Humor

Lol, and the Taliban thinks Allah is on their side!

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Taliban militants launched a surprise attack on a key southern Afghan town, sparking a battle that killed some 60 insurgents, an Afghan official said Sunday. A second clash in the same region killed another 40 militants.


Afghan police and soldiers were now in control of the district center. There were no casualties among Afghan or NATO troops, Ahmadi said.


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#1 captainfish 12-Oct-2008
militants and insurgents killing each other..... cats and dogs living together.


By the way, what is the difference between a militant and an insurgent? What is an insurgent anyway?

Yes, our Afghan policy is really screwed up. If they are dying and we are not even having to lift a finger, then something is wrong. I know our front line guys love their jobs because they get to shoot things and blow stuff up. If our enemy is dying without our help, then something is definitely wrong.
#2 Cletus 12-Oct-2008
Sounds to me more like the Taliban attacked, and the Afghan/NATO forces tore them up good, while receiving no casualties themselves.

Epic Pwn on the towelbans part
#3 DMartyr 12-Oct-2008
Capt - The difference between the two is a matter of good narration. I agree - our policies in Afghanistan and Iraq is fatally flawed in that we are under the mistaken belief non-muslims can negotiate with muslims for peace, good can negotiate with evil to live in harmony. It is an impossibility. Just as evil cannot co-exist with good, muslims cannot co-exist with unbelievers. It isn't in their nature. Their entire belief system and ultimate salvation depends on their continuing goal of eliminating disbelief and establishing a world caliphate.

Towards the beginning of the Iraqi war, U.S. Army officer said of the people of the Middle East:


"The best way to win against terrorism is to build a wall around the entire Middle East, let them kill each other, and then shoot the last man standing."

He wasn't referring to any race or nationality, but to the backward, barbaric mentality ingrained into the minds of ME people, a majority being muslims.

The more I learn about islam, the more I agree with him.
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