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On Regrets

Why is it that Democrats only ever "regret" comments they've made if the comments in question threaten their electability?

Warner has made no mention of his prior positions before, but now that his "commentary" on we ignorant Virginians is making the rounds, he suddenly finds it necessary to apologize.

At least by saying you didn't stand by his past remarks, we know that we'll need to "selectively" listen to his future ones.



#1 captainfish 14-Oct-2008
hmmm.. now that is [i]CHANGE[/i] I can believe in.

so, he really isn't a bigot? It was all just what he believes? Because what he believes is not what he campaigns for?

Well, DUH!! The whole story of what he said make that perfectly clear.

We all know that campaigns are full of lies and promises. Just look at Obama. A socialist-marxist democrat promising tax cuts for 95% of the people while STILL increasing the size of the government and its handouts?

He must be the messiah if he can pull that one off. Unfortunately, you can't run the government on loaves and fishes.
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