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Polls Know?

Over at LiveLeak, there is a poll on the front page:

Wow! Barack Hussein "Spread the Wealth" Obama has more than a 12% lead! Surely he will win by a landslide! But before we all begin singing for Dear Leader, let's click the "view votes per country" link and see if that support is unanimous worldwide:

Ah-Ha! The total of votes from the United States is 8019, so according to this poll, the actual numbers are reversed, with McCain leading 56% to Obama's 44%. It is the participants from other countries - presumably those ineligible to vote in U.S. elections - who have skewed these results in favor of Obama.

Of course, this poll is irrelevant. The point is, you can't always trust polls.

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#1 upyernoz 20-Oct-2008
actually, i think the point is that you don't know the difference between an internet survey and a real poll. a real poll has a sample that is designed to be representative of the population the poll is trying to measure. by every recent poll, obama is ahead among the american population.
#2 DMartyr 20-Oct-2008
Eh, go worship your terrorist-loving messiah.

Without ACORN's voter fraud and without spending 7 times the money McCain has (Obama deceitfully agreed to use public funding and then hypocritically backed out while McCain, a man of integrity, kept his word), and without illegal donations from foreign countries, McCain would be ahead by a landslide.
#3 captainfish 21-Oct-2008
BTW upyurOWNnoz, the presidential polls have been wrong for the last several presidential elections. Why trust a poll anyway when they come out every single day? The only one that matters is the one on Nov 4th.

If you need a poll to decide on who to vote for, then you are a lemming. Learn to think for yourself. Once you do, you will learn how to ask intelligent questions. Once you find your answers, you will come to realize that Socialism, Marxism and Communism has no place here in America's Republic form of government.

Any attempt to do so will only cause ruin upon America. Just look at what is happening to our country with the Socialist-lite government we have in place now?! Do you really think nationalizing banks and mortgage companies is a good thing? How's the DMV working for ya? Would you like your bank working that way?

Just imagine state or federal workers (like those at the airports now doing strip searches of grannies) conducting your banking and healthcare. That scares the begeezus out of me. But, if you like it, then you are free to move to the glorious and human-centered lands of CUBA.
#4 Cletus 21-Oct-2008
Today I heard somewhere on the internet that Hamas has contributed to Obama's campaign. Don't know if there is any truth to it, although they do support him.
#5 DMartyr 21-Oct-2008
Cletus - Hamas & Hezbollah have expressed support.

Obama is using blood money for his campaign. It is a damned shame America is being sold out for these liberal idiots to have their "messiah."
#6 Rooster 21-Oct-2008
Nobody cares.
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