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UK To "Rehabilitate" Terrorists

I have to wonder why terrorists, among all violent criminals, deserve such concern? Because it's politically correct? Because men and women who willingly and knowingly embrace a cult that promotes death and violence somehow are more worthy of redemption than your average infidel thug?

Further sinking into dhimmitude, the U.K. is now showing favoritism to Islamic criminals by offering "therapy":

Psychologists in the prison service will use techniques similar to those used to “de-program” members of religious cults, the Mail reported. The experimental treatments are being developed by a special extremism unit, set up by the Ministry of Justice.

The therapy is part of a strategy to combat Islamic extremism in Britain's jails where Muslim prisoners are serving time for terrorist offenses, the paper reported. The Ministry fears that if they are left alone, their violent, jihadist interpretation of Islam will spread.

The problem that our dhimmi governments refuse to acknowledge is that "jihadist interpretation of Islam" is a pure interpretation of Muhammad's teachings. Kill the infidel, enslave women, spread Islam - by terrorism if necessary, subjugate those who do not believe, are all tenets of Islam. The end goal, which Muhammad ordered his followers to always aspire, is a world dominated by the "religion of peace." There is no compromise.

Until our Western governments view Islam for what it truly is, Islamic terrorism will always be a threat to civilized societies.

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#1 Rooster 21-Oct-2008
Nobody cares what the UK is doing to rehabilitate terrorists.
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