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FCPS: Not News To Me

What, books with a "Christian viewpoint" aren't welcome in Fairfax County Public School libraries?

The shock!

On the contrary, I'm willing to bet dollars. to. donuts. that such "values-neutral," completely viewpoint-free books as King & King and Daddy's Roommate are featured prominently on FCPS library shelves, and have even been used in our classrooms to indoctrinate our children into the Stalinist mindset that is expected of them oops, I mean "educate them about the core value of tolerance.*"

How dare we scary Christians even try to interfere with the State Religion of Sodomy! After all, we pay our fair share of tax money into the school system. Why can't we get the message and just shut up for once?

The nerve, I tell ya.

What's next? Threatening the sanctity of the Sacrament of Environmental Absurdism?

(*Tolerance towards Christians excluded.)



#1 FFF Admin 20-Oct-2008
Thanks for the link. The situation is truly hard to believe!
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