The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Gerry Connolly's Fairfax County Town of Vienna

Just stabbing the "innocent restaurant patrons" that Americans won't stab:

A man was stabbed in the hand at a Vienna restaurant on Oct. 11.

Police were called to El Punto Restaurant on Cedar Lane in Vienna on Saturday night. There, officers encountered a male victim with wounds on his wrist and hand. He was taken to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Alexis Lopez-Canacas, 26, has been charged with malicious wounding.

Of course, by "innocent restaurant patrons," I mean "gang-banging scum." Not that the distinction matters in this case.

And far be it from me to point out to Gerry Connolly that inviting illegal aliens, amongst whom some of the worst gang-bangers in the County hide, is not a good way to increase law-abiding business in the County.

Of course, if Gerry plans on doing in Congress what he's done so well in the County Board of Supervisors—namely, pander in the worst way to his friendly "undocumented Americans"—we can surely plan on having even more delightfully tolerant incidents like this!

On a related note, people in Springfield are positively atwitter at the City's latest plans to salvage... er, make that "revitalize" Springfield Mall, which is often a topic of discussion around these parts.The plans detailed by the Fairfax Times include such new-urbanist twaddle as "make[ing] it more walkable," dotting it with "courtyards and small parks," and adding 2,200 new dwelling units (read: apartments for illegal aliens) to the mall and its surrounding (highly congested) area.

In proceeding with these plans, the developer claims to have allowed 50% of the occupancy in the Mall to expire, so that they can "renovate" it, leaving the facility literally half empty.

I don't know about you, but in my 20+ years of mall shopping experience, I've noticed that most centers are able to renovate their facilities while keeping the stores in place and the customers happy, so that's got to mean that something else is up, right?

Vornado blames the previous owner for "neglecting" the mall, but from what I've seen since they bought the property in 2006, if anything, the decline has accelerated, with the company paying no attention whatsoever to repairs that are common in shopping malls—With the management company making it readily apparent that they have no interest in fixing things like the leaky roof, the crumbling walkways into the mall, or even such insignificant tasks as making sure that the lightbulbs in the parking garages are changed when they burn out.

In reality, from what I've heard from some of the smaller shopkeepers that had planned on leaving the mall, most of the occupants have moved out because of (a) the almost DOUBLED rent payments for no additional benefit, and (b) CRIME!

You know, like stabbings, excessive shoplifting, and even one shopper being kidnapped to her tragic death from this blighted Mall.

This will most likely become a rather interesting case study of how exactly "New Urbanists" cope with revitalizing an area that is completely overrun with crime, without bothering to address the actual crime problem.

May the rest of the country learn from our mistakes.

Update: Laughable official website for "Springfield Town Center" here.


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