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What Liberal Media?

An Instylanche? Awesome!! I bet none of you have heard the press report on this assassination plot, foiled in nearby Fairfax, Virginia. We always have plenty more around here to read, so please feel free to browse around and check out the fun stuff we have over this way!

Click for maximum regurgitation.

Compare and contrast: The official Barack Obama campaign talking points for this evening's debate,


An article written by the "non-partisan" and "unbiased" The New York Times.

See title above, rinse, repeat.

(h/t Prairie Pundit, Sweetness & Light)Thanks to Bob Owens for the link. I take special joy in pointing out that the lazy NYT blogger didn't even bother changing the order of the Obama Talking Points Memo. That must be that good, old-fashioned "journalistic integrity" for ya!

Update: Also via Bob: It's like looking into the future. Those That Bookworm Room guys gal had better start making stock recommendations, stat.

Per Jonathan's Request: Here's the massively huge original of the graphic above.

Update: Thanks alot for the link, Fausta!

Update: Regarding the question about the timestamps—not linking Pandagon, sorry—either (a) the campaign sent out another memo and/or used this newfangled invention called "the telephone" to get the same message out earlier than the NYT article was written, or (b) the campaign and the New York Fricking Times are coordinating their strategies with each other.

Either way, I'd say it's still pretty damning. Wouldn't you agree?



#1 Confederate Yankee 15-Oct-2008
The New York Times could save some money if they fired fired the middlemen and simply let the Obama campaign post directly to their blogs....
#2 Solomonia 15-Oct-2008
My world-view will never be the same....
#3 Jonathan 15-Oct-2008
I appreciate your work - but could you make that image bigger? I can't read anything on it.

(Yes, I clicked)
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Oct-2008

Sorry for the eye-squinting pain. The full-sized graphic has been linked in at the end of the article.

Respectfully yours,
#5 Jonathan 15-Oct-2008

#6 Sunflower 16-Oct-2008
There is a reason people view lawyers more favorable than the profession of propaganda journalism.

This is one.
#7 David 16-Oct-2008
Which document came first?
I noticed that the NY Times document was released at 8:46am and the Obama document was released at 9:37 (with a strange -0500 alongside).
While the NY Times and the Obama campaign are fellow travelers (Duh), these documents do not indicate the NY Times followed Obama but possibly the other way around.
#8 Ed 16-Oct-2008
You know that proverbial tank that the media are supposed to be in? Snapped Shot has your snapshot of exactly what it looks like....
#9 Stephen 16-Oct-2008
I have tin foil for sale CHEAP if you "people" want to protect your precious, itty-bitty brains from the evil mind rays of Darth Obama ...
#10 Low Earth Orbit 16-Oct-2008
NY Times reprints Obama Campaign talking point....
#11 Maggie's Farm 16-Oct-2008
The NYT is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. (h/t, several bloggers)
#12 Sophist FCD 16-Oct-2008
Wow, this is pathetic. I mean, you actually pointed out the fact that both mention the economy to support your accusation? The economy, the thing that everyone is talking about, the thing that is on everyone's minds, what is possibly the single most pressing issue of the moment? That's insane. Why don't you point out that both documents contain the word "the" while you're at it.

#13 Bookworm 16-Oct-2008
Thanks very much for the link. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that, rather than being a group of guys, I'm just one gal!
#14 Brian C. Ledbetter 16-Oct-2008

And to think I spent all that time using shiny colors so that it would be [i]really[/i] easy for dummies on the Left to figure out that they match point-for-point, in the [i]exact same order[/i].

Art, apparently, really [i]is[/i] wasted on the uninitiated. Guess I'm finally starting to "get" you left-leaning types, eh? ;)

#15 CTD 17-Oct-2008
Which seems more likely, that the huge Obama campaign staff sat around patiently hoping that some reporter at the NYT would post a debate preview that somehow would dovetail perfectly with the messages that Obama wanted to get across, then scramble to reformat it and send it our less than an hour after the post was made?

Or that the reporter got the memo early one way or another, and thinking she had some inside info, made a blog post more or less rehashing talking points?
#16 King Albert 17-Oct-2008
I just uploaded this info to her Wikipedia page.
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