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Presidential Assassination Foiled in Fairfax?

That's what the Fairfax Times is reporting. Is this another case of "nothing-to-see-here" BDS anti-Bushism? Or, to the contrary, was this guy actually a legitimate threat?

The fact that he was in possession of a Chinese-made AK-47 just might provide a clue or two.

The closest thing I can find on someone named "DAI Charn-Chan" is this 1999 posting on a Singaporean chatroom.

Chinese speakers:—Is "呆昌產" the correct spelling of his name? Because Google China isn't giving me any love there.

It's worth noting that this incident occurred on the 30th of September, which is fully 2 weeks ago. Where in the world is the "professional" media on reporting this threat against a Republican politician?

(Has the Secret Service really been keeping this story quiet for two weeks? Would they have done so if it were The One who was being threatened?)



#1 Ace of Spades HQ 15-Oct-2008
Ah, but it was just a foiled attempt on Bush's life, and we all know the media doesn't care about such aggressive guerrilla activism. The headline blares assassination attempt foiled. I'm not sure we actually got to that stage --...
#2 Confederate Yankee 15-Oct-2008
Did I say "Obama" and "all networks?" I meant "Bush" and the Fairfax Times: A man in possession of a Chinese passport and an AK-47 was arrested in a Fairfax hotel Sept. 30 for sending threatening messages to President George...
#3 captainfish 16-Oct-2008
because it never happened. It was only an obvious ploy by the republican party to garner sympathy. And thankfully, the astute media did not fall for it and are only reporting this account to just show some minor thing that a islmohomoaracko-phobe is capable of doing.

The media is there to protect us from idiotic stories that they have correctly deemed to be wholly false and misleading.
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