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Liveflogging the Debate

McCain is making some excellent points tonight, but I can guarantee you the press will be declaring Obama's victory by 10:31 sharp.

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#1 DMartyr 16-Oct-2008
I'm disappointed in McCain. He did come out stronger than in the previous debates, but I think he missed some opportunities.

For example, when Ayers came upon Obama's response was something to the effect, "When need to stop wasting time on these matters and focus on economy."

McCain should have (and I was yelling at my screen for him to do so) replied with something like: "The economy is a very important issue, but there are others. The President of the U.S. should have the character and integrity worthy of the highest office in the world, and it is fair to examine the judgment of candidates. That includes, Mr. Obama, an accountability for poor judgment in associating with people who have expressed a disdain for our great nation, such as William Ayers and Reverend Wright..."

Another thing - Obama mentioned the "kill him" remark at a McCain rally. He stated the remark was aimed at him. McCain should have been up-to-date enough to reply the remark, however wrong, was about *Ayers* not Obama. Half the millions who watched the debate will go to the polls thinking Obama was truthful.

BTW, after the debate I flipped back and forth between MSNBC and Fox. They were analyzing the EXACT same thing - facial expressions of the candidates while the other was speaking. MSNBC (Maddow, specifically) was saying McCain looked unnerved and agitated, while Fox saw problems with Obama's condescending smirks and sarcastic chuckles.

It is unfortunate that most voters are so clueless they will vote on presentation rather than substance.
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