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The Ballad of Joe the Plumber

I find it amusing to see that, upon expressing an opinion that is not approved by the Democratic Elite, the citizen known as Joe the Plumber is now under intense scrutiny by the "independent" and "impartial" press.

Who, of course, are all batting for the Democratic National Committee.

It is utterly amazing to think that, in more honest times, the press just might have put this level of effort into investigating a presidential candidate, or at the very least, to report on his outright lies.

Sadly, our press is more interested in propping their selected-not-elected candidate up than they are in doing their jobs.


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#1 Cletus 17-Oct-2008
Brian, when I try and comment on the 100% negative ad post, it tells me "404 bad request"

And Joe the Plumber has been taking all the abuse pretty well. I saw an interview with MSNBC, and he was talking smack on them for being stupid
#2 gianfalco 18-Oct-2008
I linked this post to my today's cartoon.
#3 gianfalco 21-Oct-2008
I reply there to your message, because for 3 times i received notification of no delivery of my mail.
Yes, naturally you can use my cartoon; I insert your site in my blogroll.
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