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Barack Obama's Partners in Peace

You know how B. Hussein Obama, the Left's predestined Chosen One, keeps on insisting that Hamas is nothing more than a lawfully-elected government, content with such mundanities like trash collection and combating "disenfranchisement?"

Yeah... I wonder how it would impact his ever-shifting opinion if he were to see more pictures like this.

Because, to me, it doesn't seem like they care all that much about trash collection.

Then again, I'm racist for even daring to bring this up, aren't I?



#1 Anonymous 17-Oct-2008

definitely don't seem too concerned with trash collection

I guess the billions upon billions of dollars in financial aid they receive from the UN, the EU and even the U.S.A, have better uses than silly little things like "trash collection" or "infrastructure"
#2 ToddK 17-Oct-2008
Hamas has two objectives.
To retain power, and to destroy Israel.

When the were elected with 70% of the vote, I quit caring one iota about the Palestinians, when it comes to Israeli force.

The Arabs broke it, let them fix it. And Israel should use any force it deems necessary to protect itself from daily attacks.

Obama will work to neutralize Israel.
#3 Yael 18-Oct-2008
Thanks for the link and the reminder that while we're not thinking about HAMAS, they're still thinking about us. PS, any idea of a source for that garbage photo?
#4 captainfish 21-Oct-2008
Oh, the continuation of the glorification of terrorists. Oh, and let us keep calling them "militants". The nice comfy word meaning that they are the ones in the right and Israel is in the wrong.

I for one can't wait for the day when a strong Israeli leader's last straw is broken and they rain hell upon Gaza, W. Bank, Syria and Lebanon.

Sidenote... why do all the stories and photos seem to come out of "CENTRAL" Gaza Strip? Does nothing ever happen in the other 4 corners of the strip?

Obama can't say anything bad about them, he got campaign contributions from them. They will probably serve in his Cabinet alongside Powell as Obama's payback for their support of him.
#5 Rooster 21-Oct-2008
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