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Iran Discovers Pigeon Platoon

Iran has discovered a platoon of pigeons operating near a central Iranian nuclear weapons peaceful-purposes plant:

Authorities in Iran nabbed two birds believed to be “spy pigeons” near the country’s contentious nuclear facility, the Agence France-Presse reported Monday.

Both pigeons were caught near the city of Natanz, which is home to Iran’s uranium enrichment plant, AFP reported. Both had metal rings and invisible strings attached to them.

A source declined to mention what will happen to the pigeons now that they’ve been caught.

Face it, Iran will interrogate them, torture them, and then execute them. Goodbye, our feathered comrades. I will not rest until you all come home.

This devastating defeat comes on the heels of last year's capture of a squad of squirrels:

I just hope these failures won't affect our next invasion force:

The Penguin Brigade!

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#1 captainfish 20-Oct-2008
hahahahahahaahha... love the Penguins On Patrol.

Saw the story and immediately wanted to do my own post.. but thought I might check to see if someone else beat me too it. Yep, that is what I get for watching football before going online.

Ok.. so since the pigeons had metal bands and they saw invisible strings attached to them, then they know that they are spies reporting back everything they see and hear. right?

Guess they have never heard of wildlife tagging. silly me, they have never heard of civilization as of yet.

And some nations are ok with these bafoons gaining access to a nuclear facility?? And WMDs?
#2 Cletus 21-Oct-2008
I lol'd
#3 Rooster 21-Oct-2008
Nobody cares what Iran has discovered.
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