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What It Means If You Vote For Obama!

You know, with all the information about Obamassiah trickling out over the airwaves from the last few years, I started to think that people are getting a bit numb to all the "negativity" about their messiah of change.

It began me to think about a way to present Obama in a way that the "undecideds" would be instantly aghast at ever thinking of voting for the uh-bama.

If the mainstream media will not remain unbiased and present all of the candidate's good and bad sides, then it is up to those who seek the truth to present what they find. Since the media is refusing to show how awful and un-American Obama is, then those who love this nation must.

Click below the fold to learn the truth about the candidate for the Socialist Party.
[center]Obama's Friends[/center]
Tony Rezko. Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Rev Phlegger. ACORN. Louis Farrakhan. Jesse Jackson. Al Sharpton. Saul Alinksi. Bill Ayers. Palestinian Activist Rashid Khalidi.

[center]Obama's Supporters[/center]
ACORN. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hamas. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Palestinians. Radical Islam. George Soros. Hollywood. Matt Damon. Anti-Semites. Palestinian Activist Rashid Khalidi. CAIR. Nation of Islam. New Party - Chicago (Socialist party of which he is a member).

[center]Obama's Enemies. (People he does not like)[/center]
Christians. Gun Owners. Americans. White People. Corporations. CEOs. People Who Earn Profit. Israel. "People Clinging To Their Guns And Their Religion". Reporters Who Ask Questions.

[center]What Obama Believes About The Constitution[/center]
Flawed. Created By White Slavers. Fluid Document. Does Not Protect Rights Of Minorities. Does Not Distribute Unfair Wealth. Does Not Speak Of Reparations. Affects Everyone Worldwide. "Constitution Is A Charter Of Negative Liberties". "Doesn't Say What The Governments MUST Do For You".

[center]What Obama Believes About The Government[/center]
Should Ensure A Shot At Success. Should Distribute Wealth. Should Grow Economy From Bottom-Up. Does Not Do Enough To Give Money To Poor. Does Not Do Enough To Restrict Rights. Government's Job Is To Give All Desires To Everyone. Is To Free And Unregulated. Must Subsidize Everything. Must Grow.

[center]What Obama Believes About The Courts[/center]
Should Create Laws To Redistribute Wealth. Should Create Laws To Push Immorality. To Mandate Abortion. To Enact Quotas In Employment, Education And Military. "To Enact Redistributive Change". Must Accept Foreign Rulings To Guide Decisions. Protect America's Enemies.

[center]What Obama Believes About The Military[/center]
Unfair To Minorities. Terroristic. Murderous. Killers of Civilians, Innocents and Babies. Too Big. Too Mean. Unfair to Non-Militarized Countries. Too Technological. Must Share Technology With Enemies Else Not Have Technology.

[center]What Obama Believes About The Economy[/center]
Must Be Regulated And Controlled. Must Be Taxed. Must Benefit Minorities First. Prices Of Goods, Supplies And Fuel To Low. Capitalism Benefits Rich And Harms Poor. Socialism Equalizes All. Marxism Assures Equality.

[center]What Obama Believes About Election Process[/center]
Racist. Must Be Geared Toward Minorities. Too Regulated. Too Restrictive. Must Allow Non-Americans (illegals, foreigners, dead people, terrorists) A Voice In Deciding President. People Are Easily Fooled. Who Can Lie The Best. ACORN.

[center]What Obama Believes[/center]
Abortion. Reparations. Socialism. Marxism. Taxes. Reverse-Slavery. Quotas. Stalin. Alinsky. Chavez. Cuba. Restrictions Against Majority's Liberties. Racist America. Social Change. Taxes. Mass-Welfare. Censorship. Abortion For Teens. "Redistributionary Forces To Achieve Social and Political Justice".

[center]What Obama Does Not Believe In[/center]
Capitalism. Liberty. Freedom. Constitution. Founding Fathers. Freedom of Speech. Gun Ownership. Property Ownership By Whites. Wealthy People Creating Jobs. America's Purpose. America's God. Less Government. Freedom of Choice (in all things). Legal Justice.

As the GOP, and McCain specifically, are unable to defend their beliefs and the American way of life against Obama's socialist views of change, I offer this "negative attack ad" free of charge.

Think about these things the next time someone says that this election is just another choice between bad and even worse. You know that may be, but they do fail to tell you the vast expanse that exists between the "bad" choice and the "even worse" choice. At least you know the bad choice won't enact socialism, reparations and reverse slavery. At least you now know that the even worse choice does not value Christianity and LIFE of the unborn.

What this comes down to is not a choice between bad and worse, but a choice between Socialism and Capitalism. Between Life and Abortion. Between Freedom and Repression. Do you really want a RIGHT to welfare, abortion and housing? Do you really want quotas in our judges and in their judicial decisions?

If you think of this election in the most basic and direct of terms, the choice is simple!

[Update] Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian activist, praises Obama on his work for Palestine and Obama praises Khalidi on his work. And makes horrific statements about Israel that sound an awful lot like what Hitler might have said to gain power in Germany. Pull quote:

He congratulates Khalidi for his work saying "Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine" plus there's been "genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis."



#1 desertdweller 30-Oct-2008
Obama's may say he thinks government should ensure everyone a shot at success (cough!) but not TOO MUCH success.
#2 DMartyr 30-Oct-2008
Great post, Capt!

If you really wanted the Undecideds to be repulsed by Obama, you should have added to his supporters list:

Rosie O'Donnell

If that doesn't turn them off, nothing will.
#3 captainfish 30-Oct-2008
hehehe.. Rosie repulses many a people.

And I forgot to add Oprah.

I remembered enough to add the genius diplomat Damon.

DD, that was actually taken from a direct comment of his. His point, was that the govt is to give people as much money and supplies so that should they feel the need to do 'something', then they will have some of the means necessary that rich evil people do when they create their own companies and businesses.

People need to slap these libs in the head. People who made their own business started from scratch with their own idea and their own resources. Many went dang poor for years trying to make their living. And only after scraping and pinching, did their business turn around and began to enjoy some profit.

I am confused as well as to why everyone has to be entitled to what everyone else has. But then again, Socialism is foreign to me.
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