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Good News: Democrats Plan to Steal redistribute YOUR Retirement!

It's not like you were planning on doing anything with your 401(k), right?

Here's the scoop, from Nancy Pelosi's dastardly henchmen to your ears.

How much longer will it be before our government just skips all pretense, and simply declares all money their God-given property?



#1 ToddK 23-Oct-2008
I posted on this yesterday.
Then I called my father who is an executive at an automotive plant in OH.
He showed it to those he works with.
They all went Ape Shit.

Chalk up one OH plant for McCain.
#2 Anonymous 27-Oct-2008
pls no for obama
#3 captainfish 29-Oct-2008
Mark Levin tore this lady up a new one. She is unapologetic about this policy. She thinks that the tax breaks that YOU get for investing in 401's are tax breaks TO the fund managers. And that those tax breaks are TAKEN from the government's funds.

Also note, that when you die under this plan, your kids will only get half of that retirement nest egg as the govt will confiscate 50% of what remains after what they tax. Then, if Obama is elected, subtract the Death Tax as well. You will be lucky to get 10% of what your parent has been saving all of their lives.

Vote for Obama and kiss retirement goodbye.

She claimed that 401's are corrupt and dangerous, but yet she has full faith in the Social Security run by the government. THe only problem she sees, and her plan rectifies the problem, is that Social Security does not have enough money coming in to pay out.

More Mandated Socialist Welfare!!
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