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Scary Thought

Whether you want to believe it or not, Barack Hussein Obama was once a Muslim.

That doesn't say much about his present faith. In Islam, anyone born to a Muslim father is considered a Muslim. And according to many Islamic schools of thought, every human is born a Muslim. Essentially, we are all either Muslims or Apostates (keep that in mind the next time the 'religion of peace' discusses the penalty of apostasy). But when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama, he was not only born to a Muslim father, but he was raised a Muslim.

So, for him to claim he was never a Muslim is a lie. He may have chosen a different path, but to outright deny the past is plain dishonesty.

It is his associations during his adult life that are much more telling about his true allegiance and identity. And they should give any patriotic American pause before entering the election booth. If Barack Hussein Obama wins this election, he will be entrusted with all of America's most sensitive secrets.

Ironically, Barack Hussein Obama wouldn't even be able to pass a basic security clearance.

If that doesn't concern you, keep that in mind as you read the following:

That Obama's biography touches so frequently on such unsavory organizations as CAIR and the Nation of Islam should give pause. How many of politicians have a single tie to either group, much less seven of them? John McCain charitably calls Obama "a person you do not have to be scared [of] as president of the United States," but Obama's multiple links to anti-Americans and subversives mean he would fail the standard security clearance process for Federal employees.

Islamic aggression represents America's strategic enemy; Obama's many insalubrious connections raise grave doubts about his fitness to serve as America's commander-in-chief.

The question is, if Barack Hussein Obama cannot be truthful about his own innocuous past, can he be trusted with America's future?

His childhood can be ignored. But no one who cares about this great country should ignore his poor judgment and questionable associations.

Read the entire eye-opening article HERE.

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#1 captainfish 29-Oct-2008
I think it speaks more volumes about who he values and hangs around with now as an adult. Anti-semites, Nation of Islam leaders, Palestinians, Anti-Americans, terrorists and terrorist-sympathizers.
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