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Obama Campaign Angered By Tough Questions

UPDATE: Has a station in Philadelphia become the next victim of the Obama campaign's Stalinist tactics of intimidation and repression? See the latest update beyond the fold for the scoop!

From NewsBusters:

"Are you joking?"

"I don't know who's writing your questions."

Those were two of the angry responses by Joe Biden to a couple of tough questions posed by Barbara West on Orlando's WFTV. You can get an idea of just how upset Biden was by reading the title of this account of the heated interview: "Obama campaign cuts off WFTV after interview with Joe Biden."

As a result of this interview the Obama campaign called WFTV "unprofessional" and severed ties, canceling a scheduled interview with Joe Biden's wife, Jill:

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign.

Were the questions "unprofessional" or just questions Obama doesn't want to address?

You decide:

[Update/Brian] The original video, with over 1.5 million views, has been BANNED BY
. You can find alternate copies her
, here, and here. For now, at least.

Is YouTube doing the Joe Biden's saintly bidding in trying to cover this whole episode up? Or could WFTV Channel 9 really just be speaking on its own behalf? If you know the answer, be sure to let me know.

[Update] From Gateway Pundit, reporter Barbara West defends the interview.

[Update 2] This video appears to be going viral, so I decided to sticky post it for a day or two. was the FIRST to embed the YouTube video.

I hope you don't mind, Brian!

I also changed the title because, clearly, this video has struck a nerve within the Obama Campaign. (original title: Joe Biden Angered By Tough Questions)

[Update 3] Looks like WFTV has scrubbed its site of the interview. Thank goodness someone had the presence of mind to save it![Update 4] Not only has this video made the headline at Drudge Report:

Click to Enlarge

But FoxNews is reporting on it:

BTW, Marc, you do have access to the full video, at YouTube. Just because you don't look, doesn't mean it isn't available. ;)

[Update/Brian]: I'll post this for DM, since the site's currently mostly unavailable. Apparently, yet another news station has fallen victim to the Obama campaign's Stalinist tendencies, this time in Philadelphia. So much for the city of brotherly love, eh bro-bama?

Needless to say, this bodes very ill for the future of the press under an Obama presidency. Will the White House now be officially closed to any station that dares to ask a question that the Obama Administration considers to be hostile? Because, you know, the Bush Administration hasn't exactly locked the doors to such "impartial" reporters as Helen Thomas.

(Maybe it's because we dastardly Republicans were so busy with our full-time schedule of being evil, that we actually forgot to oppress the Press. Not to worry, I'm sure that oversight will be corrected on January 25th, if Obambi is elected.)

Also reporting:

The Jawa Report, Hot Air, Sticky Notes

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#1 dave 25-Oct-2008
Some of the questions were so ridiculous or had such faulty assumtpions he laughed.The questions obviously were an attempt to give publicity to misleading pro-mccain talking points and Biden did a good job in answering. I too would not give a further interview to a station that uses the publicity to repeat misleading talking points from my opponents instead of asking meaningful policy questions,
#2 Will Burr 25-Oct-2008

They were legitimate questions to ask, given the MSM's agenda in electing Sen.Obama. I'm appalled by the assertion from Sen. Biden that these type of questions originate from a loony fringe within conservative thinking people. We only are asking you to explain how your agenda is better for America. Additionally Sen. Biden's ever so subtle ad hominem attacks further validates the liberal's method of stifling legitimate criticism. It seems to me that the liberal movement / Democratic party operates more out of fear.
#3 Eric W 25-Oct-2008
At first I thought the first question about ACORN was a bit silly, then I watched the video again and I noticed something. The question boils down to "are you embarrassed by ACORN's voting fraud considering Obama's ties to them in the past"

Joe the Senator responds, "Obama has (present tense) nothing to do with them, we do our own etc."

She reponds, "But Obama was a organizer, lawyer for them."

Biden responds, "so what, McCain praised them, does that make him complicit?"

This reveals two things; the first is just another example of the Obama campaign switching tenses as a method of "fighting the smears." She asks a question about a past connection and he denies a present connection. FightTheSmears takes "rumors" about the past and denies them being true in the present.

The second is how Biden goes straight from hearing a question about embarrassment to giving an answer about complicity. "Are you embarrassed?" is answered with "is McCain complicit because he..." I suppose this could just be some sort of misperception on the part of Biden or offering a prepared response even when it doesn't fit the question, but it might be a glimmer of truth about how Biden really feels and what he really knows.

Another interesting thing is how he views a tax cut for high income people. He claims that Bush is "redistributing wealth" to the rich by giving them a tax cut. You only say that if you believe that excess income rightfully belongs in the hands of the government. But ask him about people who are worried about Obama introducing socialist programs and that makes you a far right conservative.

As for Dave, who thinks the questions were "ridiculous" and "pro-mccain talking points," I have a question. Have you seen any of the Palin interviews? The CBS one? I'll assume you have. Being an intellectually honest person, I'm sure you roundly condemned those question, right? At least Palin answered those questions without outright lies.

Biden's answer to the question about spreading the wealth around being marxist: "HE (Obama) IS NOT SPREADING THE WEALTH AROUND." Riiiight.
#4 Cletus 25-Oct-2008
Q1: About ACORN, Fraud, And Obamas ties to them (including monetary donations)
-legitimate question

Q2: More of the same. Notice how Biden tries to make John McCain talking to ACORN the same as Obama working for them
-legitimate question

Q3: About Obama's own words admitting to socialism. Instead of answering he talks about Bush (and somehow to Biden tax cuts = spreading the wealth)
-legitimate question

Q4: About Obamas blatent marxism, admitted by his own words when he said "spread the wealth". Somehow asking about Obamas long held personal views is a "joke". Biden is surprised because no other media has delved this deep into Obama's true ideology.
-legitimate question

Q5: Question about one of his own gaffs, threatening that if Obama is going to be elected he will be "tested". Biden actually answered this question well, but it is a question that is on everyones minds.
-legitimate question

Q6: Question about Obamas ideology, that he has admitted to behind closed doors, in his book, and tacitly through his associations and mentors.
-Legimitate question

Absolutely nothing wrong with the interview or the questions asked. The left is just crying because they aren't being given the red carpet treatment for once
#5 destruk 26-Oct-2008
At this point I doubt very much the interview will have the intended impact on the voter base. After watching the interview 4 times the idea behind the questions is legitimate, the phrasing was obviously designed to provoke a solid unmistakeable response. Whoever wrote the questions wanted to see him get angry.

For those who need the entire thing spelled out for them to see what happened --

Embarrassed, Blatant, Phony, obama is tied (to these words) in the past
In the senate he has 'benefitted' from Acorn -- again tying him to the words of the moment.
Then she implies an insult to Obama -- crushing blunder, then she calls him a Marxist. Then she puts an idea out there that America isn't going to be a superpower anymore and nothing will get done after Obama is elected. Then America is going to become a socialist country???

Alternately, simple rephrasing of the questions would not have been too much to ask. Biden had at least one interview with her before - and in that one she showed respect and unbiased questions. These were all negatively tainted and as such they decided to not do more interviews where they feel 'on trial' and openly attacked. Such is his right. His time could be much better spent than wasting it with her.
#6 John 26-Oct-2008
There is a reason journalists are taught to ask questions that do not lead the answer.

It's like one of those Fox News polls I saw recently on Greta which struck me: "Was CNN being A) incompetent or B) dirty?"

I am voting McCain, but this sort of thing is just what the swing voter doesn't need to see. If people who wanted McCain to win, they would go to the real issues of the day (which I agree with him on).

Not ACORN or socialism or Marxism, things that haven't worked at all for McCain over the past few weeks.

Wake up, folks. You have nine days. Stop giving the independents excuses to vote for Obama. And this West interview is one of them.

Or just keep talking about ACORN and socialism. It's worked in the polls so far.................
#7 Rob 26-Oct-2008
Biden was nervous because he didn't expect someone to ask questions that really get to the core issue. Everyone has given him and Obama all the easy questions and made them look like Jesus, while they have tried tirelessly to make McCain look like Bush. Obama is a socialist, he is not diplomatic at all like McCain, he is the most extreme "pro-abortionist" in the senate, and his economic policy will destroy the jobs in the country because when you raise the already 2nd highest business tax in the world even higher, these companies make up profit loss by raises prices on consumer products and cutting jobs. Biden described only giving tax breaks to middle class, but raising taxes on higher income people will do what I said, it will wipe out even more jobs, henceforth recession at it's worst. Biden can't answer to this truth, it would mean admitting their policy is simply stupid, and socialist, and in essence marxist.
#8 5150 26-Oct-2008
Totally unprofessional behavior by Biden. Act like a man, answer the questions, go to your talking points, keep your cool. Then walk away from the interview and don't give another. Very simple. I'm very disappointed in how he handled himself.
#9 Gary R. 26-Oct-2008
Great analysis. I will only add that Biden's response to his own gaff about "Obama being tested within 6 months after taking office". That Biden tried to suggest that any President will be tested. Acually, Mr. Biden during the fundraising event in Seattle, was specifically referring to Barack Obama and not John McCain.

I find it ironic that the Democrats, who claim that openess is their virtue, would be so apalled with open questions that everyone would want to know the answers to, just shows that Obama is the "All talk, do nothing" campaign who would Stomp on you, drag you through the mud, have every internal government agency check your backround, turn you upside down and shake your pockets empty, break your bones if they have to, and tell you all the while that you are in luck... you are covered with our national health care program...
#10 Cletus 26-Oct-2008
Gary R:

He'd have every internal government agency check into your background, when he himself wouldn't pass those background checks much of the time.
#11 palinpower 26-Oct-2008
Excellent interview. These are questions that the American people want to hear answered. Watch Hannity's special on Foxnews about all of Obamas friends, and a new discovery, Obama's mentor, "Frank", who is spoke of with high regard in Obama's book. Frank, a Communist in Hawaii, who taught Obama hate for white people . There is a pattern. Hannity's special is a MUST SEE for undecideds and first time voters.
#12 palinpower 26-Oct-2008
Excellent interview. These are questions that the American people want to hear answered. Watch Hannity's special on Foxnews about all of Obamas friends, and a new discovery, Obama's mentor, "Frank", who is spoke of with high regard in Obama's book. Frank, a Communist in Hawaii, who taught Obama hate for white people . There is a pattern. Hannity's special is a MUST SEE for undecideds and first time voters.
#13 MS Rawls 26-Oct-2008
This could not have been said better. Thank you!
#14 hambone1942 26-Oct-2008
All Americans should be concerned. Our liberty is under attack. Obama's flood of money didn't come from here. He will be loyal to his contributers. They appear to be the Chinese communists, Iran and Saudia Arabia. Sleep well tonight Americans.
#15 Matt 26-Oct-2008
Your comment fully illustrates how biased you are and you should really think about what you say before you expose yourself as the total hypocrite you are.
#16 Matt 26-Oct-2008
Wow. And you are all completely unbiased and undecided voters, aren't you?

No? You're Yellow Dog Republicans?

What a shock!
#17 Gene 26-Oct-2008
In his first answer Biden began the pattern of lying and evading that is so much a part of this campaign. When you don't like the question attack the questioner. The Obama campaign gave $800,000 to ACORN for their efforts. They attempted to hide it by giving it to a subsidiary, but the entire thing was fully covered and Michelle Malkin has the info on her webpage. Just Google it It is really easy to find.
#18 Barbara 26-Oct-2008
Excellent interview....good questions...respectful, professional attitude.....Barbara West did the profession proud!

In fact, every single one of her questions are what I am hearing from troubled voters out here in America-land.

The Obama camp needs to get over it, and answer the questions....not pointy finger Bush and McCain. Smirks, pointy fingers, and the soft-shoe shuffle are not answers. Neither are denials without explanations.
#19 JAN 26-Oct-2008
Obama is a liar. McCain is a boob.
but who would you rather have as a president, a liar or a honest,patriotic, full of integerty boob. I am very worried that my America will became europe with all the problems we have at least they are ours.These young people full of themselves don't realize the full impact of an Obama presidency. May God help us if that happens and we are a nation under God no mater what the liberals think.
#20 Ken 26-Oct-2008
I believe what upset the Obama camp is the way the questions were presented First: Biden got it wrong Obama never worked for ACORN, ACORN was not part of Project Vote, the successful voter registration drive Obama ran in 1992. In his capacity as an attorney, Obama represented ACORN in a lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Justice against the state of Illinois to force state compliance with a federal voting access law. For his work helping enforce the law, called “Motor Voter,” Barack received the IVI-IPO Legal Eagle Award in 1995.

Second: Calling Obama a Marxist is a term the fringe right has been using for years to distribe Democrats. Fact Any TAX is redistributing wealth I would summize that any Republican who agree with Mccain that we should cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% is a Marxist. That's why republicans are so terrible at governing because they fundamentally believe that we should have socialism for the wealthy and capitalism for everybody else. Thank god our next President Barack Obama disagrees.
#21 Cletus 26-Oct-2008
Hambone: don't forget George Soros

Matt: Toss off, ya grotty wanker
#22 A Vietnam Vet 26-Oct-2008

Excluded from further interviews, the TV station might consider showing specifically how Obama is a Marxist since many Americans seem uninformed on the matter. Some basics on Marxism might also be in order, along with what it's like living under Marxism.

What were the reasons for the Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War, our present positions toward Fidel's Cuban Plantation, China, Venezuela and others? Perhaps America opposes the tyranny of Marxism?
#23 mrgrnjns 26-Oct-2008
Cletus is Right On.
Obama has ALWAYS been given the royal red carpet treatment. He has never had a real job. Its scary on how the media has railroaded Obama through the nomination and election. Has everyone forgot Hillary had more votes, yet obama was handed the nomination? This is like what happened in Germany in the 1930's...
#24 weez 26-Oct-2008

Did you know that 1/3 of America does NOT pay income tax? Do you know that under Obama's tax plan a tax credit is synonymous to a tax refund? Under Obama, the number of people that DO NOT pay income tax will increase to 44%. All of these people will be eligible for tax "refunds" that other income payers will receive as tax credits. How is that not redistribution of wealth? How is that not socialism? Why do we want to hinder the most productive members of our society? I say from now on, The House should be made up of Burger King employee's. In each congressional district, we will take the fry cook from the highest grossing store and make them a congressman. Of course they would still have to be over 30 year old. These are the people that maintain the priority in our economic decisions. They have shown such an aptitude for the job already. Let's get real Ken.

Also, not all tax is redistribution of wealth. There was a time when The People thought that they would receive something back from the taxes they pay. You're wrong.
#25 CATHY 26-Oct-2008
#26 rocco 27-Oct-2008
Ken on 2008-10-26 17:23 wrote:

"Second: Calling Obama a Marxist is a term the fringe right has been using for years to distribe Democrats. Fact Any TAX is redistributing wealth I would summize that any Republican who agree with Mccain that we should cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% is a Marxist. That's why republicans are so terrible at governing because they fundamentally believe that we should have socialism for the wealthy and capitalism for everybody else. Thank god our next President Barack Obama disagrees."

Huh? How would cutting a tax rate amount to Marxism? It seems that in your estimation the money belongs to the government in the first place so any lessening of a tax burden amounts to "spreading the wealth". If that's the case it's very disturbing. Have many become so brainwashed by the idea that the government is in charge of everything that we actually think this way? Hopefully, you don't actually believe what you're saying and are just doing your best to obscure facts in order to get your preferred candidate elected. While it saddens me that many people will knowingly lie and distort in the pursuit of power, I still find it better than the possibility that many are this naive in regard to the role of the State in a democracy. If even 25% of the population thinks Marxism is keeping a higher percentage of earned money we're in trouble.
#27 taylor 27-Oct-2008
The person here who cautioned you against alienating independents by your excesses is wise. Frivolous attacks and trash talking gain you no respect and no votes.

And please do your homework instead of flaunting your lack of knowledge and contempt for rational-critical thinking. Perhaps in 2012 you will then do better.

Yellow Dog Independent
#28 Hal 27-Oct-2008
Right on! Your comments are the most reasonable and rational that Ihave seen on the issue. The media, generally, has never asked Obama anything "hard". The voters don't know anything about him, except that he is for "change". They never ask him "what sort of change?" It's scary.
#29 Chris 27-Oct-2008
The bottom line is this: If you believe that your policies be they liberal, socialist, hedonist ect. are the best for the country you should welcome the opportunity to answer hard, substantive questions so that you can show the world why your way is best. Ol' Joe did not do that, he got huffy and indignant that someone would dare to challenge the inherent awesomeness of His policies. Very telling, so either Joe is ashamed of his policies or he is trying to disguise his policies from the public.
#30 concernedcitizen 27-Oct-2008
I just hope that we learn from all this. I am afraid that this new generation of voters are so brainwashed by the MSM and Hollywood that we have totally turned away from the ideas that our founding father's intended this great nation to be.
#31 Stunnedbystupidity 27-Oct-2008
I watched this interview cold, not knowing what to expect. My job dropped at the utter stupidity of the question. Perhaps one of the mindless people in a mccain rally might ask that question, but not an ANCHOR. One supposes a certain level of education from them.

The only people who think that taxes are Marxist are people who do not understand the history of the united states, and what we do with taxes in this country.

Frankly,this woman anchor would be ridiculed and laughed out of a major market.

Sad comment on Orlando when someone like Biden has to educate the interviewer.

The woman is only worthy of scorn. Quit please, whatever your name is.
#32 Paul, Esq. 27-Oct-2008
With every main stream TV network, except the Fox Network, acting as a promoter and apologist for Sen. Obama, payback is Hell. The facts are clear Sen Obama is a Socilaist and Maxist, who has vowed to restructure America from the bottom up. Obama and company may be the Medianites of the Old Testment who were sent to enslave the Israelites because of thier sin. If so, Gideon will be coming. Good job Barbara West. Keep up the attack so that people may finally see Obama for what he really is. A die hard marxist!
#33 Zac 27-Oct-2008
These are not "tough questions". They are mindless dribble asked only to illicit negative responses and make some off field assumptions like Obama is related to Marx. For god sake.
#34 elijah 27-Oct-2008
I'm kind of thinking that it is during the last eight years that the American debt has increased to the point that China pretty much owns us. Seems like Saudi Arabia might figure into the problem with oil companies getting filthy rich on the backs of the "Joe the plumbers" of the USA. What in the world are you thinking?
#35 Dave 27-Oct-2008
I just heard an interview with Obama from 2001 where he siad he was disappointed with the Warren court because it wasn't radical enough. It didn't dig into the issues of "redistribution." If this doesn't expose Obama's Marxist ideology nothing will. I really believe that the lemmings are voting for Obama because they like him. Sadly, we are not voting for the Prom King.
#36 Chris 27-Oct-2008

so•cial•ism (sō'shə-lĭz'əm) Pronunciation Key
Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.
The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.

Above is just a refresher (as per

Okay, I think that most of the country has made some sort of peace with the fact that taxes are a part civilized life. I drive on roads, go to public libraries, send my kids to public schools (such as they are), require a police and military force to protect myself and my family etc. These things are not free, I have to pay for these facilities and services, got it. I do not have a problem to that. There are things that are socialist leanings in the Obama proposals. They are as follows:

1. Nationalizing parts of the Health Insurance Industry (nationalizing any part of the private sector is pretty much textbook socialism).

2. The VERY Marxist assumption that the rich got there purely by dishonesty and exploitation of the underclass, vice hard work and/or good fortune and must therefore be punished for their transgressions (a.k.a. success). As evidenced by the proposed 250K + tax hike and the "Spread the wealth around," comment. (Besides you don't NEED that extra money we (the government) know better what to do with it).

That is not to say that some degree (the smaller the degree the better) of socialism is not necessary for the healthy functioning of a modern society. That also is not to say that there are not some Socialist aspects of McCain's proposals (Government Job Training Programs), a fact that I am not entirely comfortable with either.

In any case, I know that taxes are not inherently not Marxist/Socialist, however the application of them to redistribute wealth and co-opt segments of the private sector is.


If Barack's and Joe's idea's are so sound and good for the country why must Joe go imeadiatly to the "Only a whack job would think that," defense. Why can't he show this laughing stock (your sentiment) of an anchor what is what by saying "No dumb, dumb, these policies are not socialist because of X and they good for the country because if Y." I would have respected that. Insults and evasion are not worthy of respect.

Actually, I expected more from Joe Biden. He was one of the few primary front runners (front to middling) that I thought believed what he was saying and was not trying to gauge what the audience wanted to hear. I don't agree with much of what he said, but, I respected that about Joe. Guess I was wrong.
#37 deserdweller 27-Oct-2008
The WFTV Biden interview is there, still BTW. Follow "Biden 10/23" link.
#38 Il Duche 27-Oct-2008
I must compliment WFTV on the employment of Barbara West. She has authenticated WFTV's fascist bona fides. Please continue to broadcast Ms. West as she makes your station a beacon for all of us who fight to stifle free thought, racial tolerance, and Christian values.
#39 shortfuze 27-Oct-2008
If Senator Biden is angry and affronted because a TV reporter asks a couple of tough questions, then he is definately not ready to go head to head with a Putin, a Chavez, or an Ahmadinejab. A really smart guy could have easily brushed aside the questions, and then explain how the Obama plan would benefit both the US and the world. Instead he was flustered by a minor (until now) reporter and left the impression he couldn't answer. I doubt if the worlds really hard cases will accept the "we won't be giving any more interviews" answer when they confront President Obama (as Senator Biden assures us they will) with tough, or even impossible, demands. Maybe Obama/Biden supporters should ask themselves if they want a leader that gets pissy anytime someone doesn't play 'fair'.
#40 Josef Stalin 27-Oct-2008
well put Comrade!
#41 Big John 28-Oct-2008
Wow, what a firecracker Barbara West is! She reminds me of the strict school principal who's scolding a kid (Biden) caught in the act...I think I'm in love! ;)(no, not with Biden you idiot).
And to all you B.O. (B. Obama)supporters who are horrified at tough questions finally asked by a news media (usually on their knees to this no-body from no-where)- get over it you whinny wimps!
#42 Cletus 28-Oct-2008

you say:

"The only people who think that taxes are Marxist are people who do not understand the history of the united states"

But that's just the thing. Almost half the people in America, under Obamas tax plan, PAY NO TAXES, but instead they get free money, which is given to them by the rest of Americans with the government acting as a middle man.

That is most definitely "Marxish", if not Marxist, and even Marxish is too much Marx
#43 mcauleys world 28-Oct-2008
Biden's dodging was predictable. Oabam was raised by Marxists to be a Marxist.
#44 mcauleys world 28-Oct-2008
Biden's dodging was predictable. Obama was raised by Marxists to be a Marxist.
#45 Betty 28-Oct-2008
Barbara West should be fired.
You vote republician, but even as a reporter you don't understand that a
"MAN" quote as a priest controls your mind .. why don't people think for themselves ... yes I am a CHRISTIAN - my husband have given soooooooooo much
money to our church that we we would be
very comfortable in our retired life today.

It is amazing that people hide behind religion when they don't know what their party stands.. think of the small
number of men and one woman who decided the fate of our country and the loss of
lives and the many young men and women who will be forever in pain, loss of limbs and no awareness of what their world is about.

Shame, shame on your thinking ... get educated read history and present history.

Yes, my husband and I have known HARD TIMES - lost jobs, supporting two families, paying full support and then
being sued due to greed from other party. This is not a pity party - we just pick up our boot straps and go.

- THE MEANING "Prima Donna."
Yes, my husband and I read our "King James" bible -- over four times through.

SHAME - SHAME - "BARBARA WEST" and those unthinkers - voting only to say they are REPUBLICIANS - not knowing how
so many of your families receive benefits of daily needs due to the DEMOCRATES. REFRESH YOUR MIND - LOOK
#46 Chris 28-Oct-2008

Huh? What in the wide-wide-world of sports does this thread have to do with religon? As for every thing else in this post... there are no words.
#47 JM 29-Oct-2008
Awesome interview indeed. Finally someone (Barbara West) in addition to FOX, brings to light the REAL issues with Sen. Obamas redistribution of wealth(welfare)$250K plan(s), no that's 200K, "wait wait", Joe says 150K, do I have 100K, any takers, going once, going twice, sold to the democrat curled up in the corner at the bargain price of 42K. Now that's honesty!!!!
If honesty hurts, please press #0, for the proctologist on call please visit us at to schedule your appointment for sometime in 2010. Please note; we accept only gov. sponsored healthcare plans.

Watching the interview and seeing the reaction of Sen.Biden squirm in his seat (100K), seeing him try to answer a question with intelligence (42K), actually getting an answer “priceless”!!!!!

One could almost feel Sen. Biden go into a hypertensive crisis. Once again he failed to directly address any question with an answer that had any merit.
Oh how we pity the poor Senator for having to answer some tough but rightful questions that must be addressed. The spoon-feeding wasn’t scheduled as planned.
In all due respect and with great credit, he did an excellent job at (changing, diverting, eluding, punting, steering, tap dancing), what ever you might want to call it, around the question.

I give great credit to Mrs. West for taking a stance on an issue that Americans need answers to. So what if the Obama boys get their feeling hurt and their panties in a wad. Let them take their sand toys and play in someone else’s journalistic sand box.
With true journalism on the brink of extinction, politics continues to become so deeply embedded in the butts of those obligated to report the truth and facts, that even they begin believing their own lies as truth, leaning so far left or far right they fall over.
I am impressed by and appreciate Mrs. West courage, straightforwardness, and no holes bard approach towards seeking the truth. She should be commended for attempting to get the facts upfront from Sen. Biden.

It's time we stop playing pacifist to those that are afraid of truth, and tell it like it is.
There is no greater way to develop co-dependency on any institutional level as to continue to accept and expect free handouts. Entitlement is not something that is give, it something that should be earned.
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