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I Voted!

I hate to discourage any Obama voters visiting, but as of 2:46pm EST, McCain has one more vote.

I think all went well at the poll station. We've switched from paper ballots to electronic touch machines. It was several steps: first you give name and address. Next, you are given a printout with your name and address, and you must sign it in front of an election official, who then escorts you to a voting machine. There, the official uses an external hand held device to activate a fresh ballot. A code from your printout is synchronized to the machine. Last, you are left alone to mark the appropriate candidates.

I voted a straight ticket. However, that did not include the Presidential candidates, which had to be selected individually. I think I did everything right. Though my little sticker looked suspicious:

Go vote as though America depended on it.

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#1 William Teach 28-Oct-2008
I'll have to check my sticker. :)

Voted Sunday, we still have paper ballots, though, they have finally added the ability to write in candidates, which was missing in 2000 and 2004, and I made a stink over that.

Surprisingly, I found out that there was actually a Republican running against Dem incumbant Brad Miller. Shame on me for not looking, but, sheesh, I had heard zero about the person running.
#2 captainfish 29-Oct-2008
Was that your real sticker DMartyr???

Fortunately, we here in stupid, red-neck middle america still have paper ballots that can't be fudged by hacking or chad'ding.

For my state, I will vote straight ticket, but I am hoping that some other states will vote out their RINO repubs and vote in real Repubs. Tho, guess it might be too late for that, huh.
#3 DMartyr 30-Oct-2008
Nah, I photoshopped it.

But it wouldn't have surprised me...
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