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Reality is Irrelevant

Ah, the beauty of Barack Obama's worshipful followers:

I shudder in the presence of such genius.

Thanks to Hyscience for pointing me to the vid.



#1 DMartyr 28-Oct-2008
Lol, reminds me of this:
#2 ZIP 28-Oct-2008
Looks like Obama gained a little wait!
#3 Nikki 29-Oct-2008
that was amazing...and very telling about where our Country is heading. I am fearful of Tuesday
#4 The Compass Blog 29-Oct-2008
Great Video. Shows the logic?? behind the Messiah's supporters. This was even better that Howard Stern "Jaywalking" Audio.

What is the real reason they are voting for Obama? Are all of these people brainwashed? or do they just hate the opposition and who, and what we are, so much that they will accept and welcome anyone who is not like us.
#5 captainfish 29-Oct-2008
I believe they should allow all countries, even the UN, to fly their flag at the US Capitol.

Yes, Arabic the second language of USA.... Even though we don't even have a FIRST official language.

Yeah, love that Howard Stern piece. State what Obama is NOT for and they will still vote for him.

These people make me very afraid. I think we all who are conservative need to move all the non-conservatives to Mexico so that they can be happy there. I mean, they hate America so much, we would be doing them a favor.
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