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On Fooling Some of the People

Nancy Pelosi to People's Socialist Citizens of America: "Elect the Democratic party to a large majority in Congress, Comrades, and the Congress will become more bipartisan."

So long as your definition of "bipartisan" involves only one party, dear subjects. It's for your own good.

She adds that the American people should vote them in, and then hold them "accountable." Which is pretty laughable, considering that they aren't exactly holding themselves to any high standards, nor have they really ever.

Seriously, the Democratic Party devolves more and more into soviet Stalinism more and more by the day. Which would be kinda funny if it weren't for all of the apparatchik media outlets that are continuing to provide valuable cover for them and their silent scandals.

Then again, we've got a free and independent press that always brings us a fair and impartial view of election-year politics, so what in the world am I worrying about?


On second thought, maybe I'd be better off getting ready to be shipped off to the nearest Bill Ayers Fun Adventure Land and Happy Reeducation Camp.

It's endorsed by Dear Leader Himself, so it's got to be a blast!



#1 DMartyr 28-Oct-2008
Remember the "Contract with America"?

I remember the conservatives (Gingrich?) saying, "...and if we don't live up to our promise, vote us out!"

I guess that's how Pelosi wants us to hold them accountable. But they know that the American voter, unfortunately, has a very short memory.
#2 captainfish 29-Oct-2008
Thanks to the media and the inept educational system, the American voter is stupid, uneducated and ignorant about what true freedom means and what our founding documents means to a limited government.

I was speaking to some 20-something year olds the other day about a junior-high class I had many moons ago. CIVICS. They never heard of that.

Go figure. If you don't teach your people how to throw you out of office, then they won't know that they can. If you don't teach them about freedoms, capitalism and the rights of the American people, then they won't know the difference when Socialism is enacted.

When nothing is said by the media when she speaks of bipartisanship under an majority rule, and the people don't care, then you know this nation is doomed.

Most people care about what actress is caught without underwear than what freedoms are stripped away from them.
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