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You People Do Understand What You Have Done, Right?

Let's get this straight. I want to understand what you people have just done. And, I am hoping that you too will come to understand what you have done by electing an anti-American Socialist.

You people in Michigan. Don't you realize that Obama is going to kill your automotive industry? How are people going to buy your cars and trucks when the price of petroleum skyrockets, value taxes hit the roof, and the price of gas tops $6 a gallon?

You people in Pennsylvania. Don't you realize that Obama is going to kill your coal and steel industry? Obama hates coal and other traditional forms of electrical generation. Without coal, how are you guys going to make steel? When corporations move out of the country or postpone any construction for 5 years or so, how many jobs are you going to keep a hold of? And by the way, don't you realize that the Black Panther are a militant racist organization? Do you really want them in charge of your polling stations let alone existing at all? What if the KKK stood around your polling stations with axes? Would you throw a fit then?

More after the fold. Please click....You people in NM, CO and NV, don't you realize the same thing? You have vast reserves of coal, oil, gas and even nuclear power. Don't you realize that you just elected a man who hates these kinds of resources? He will tax your industry into bankruptcy in order to subsidize his liberal plans. Don't you realize that he is a firm believer in taxing rich white neighborhoods in order to fund and reparate poor black ones?

You people in Virginia and other coastal states. Don't you realize that you just elected a man to the Presidency who has promised to GUT and dismantle the military. How many of your seaports service the Navy? How many sea side cities look forward to the income that they receive whenever the military comes to town? How much money does New York make when the Navy hits town? Say good bye to that.

You people in California. Never mind. You people have been lost for a long time. You people just voted in a $10billion tax bill to pay for bullet trains to be used by only a few. Don't you people already have trains? Why can't you pay for it yourselves? Why do you make people in Redding or Arcata pay for your wanting to be selfish and not pay the full price for a train ride? What if I demanded that you people in San Diego pay for us here in the MidWest to fill our cars with gas? You people have already driven thousands of jobs out of state due to high taxes, and now you vote in a $10billion tax hike? That's ok, if you think you still have too much money, Obama taxes and distributive policies will just make sure that you don't have more than what he decides is enough.

You people in Oregon and Washington and N. California. Don't you realize that you just elected a man who wants to end logging? How many loggers and lumber mills are you OK with losing jobs because of who you elected in to office?

And finally, you people in Iowa. You people really throw my mind. How in the hell do you vote for a Socialist? Are you people really OK with the fact that your corn is going to be burned as expensive fuel instead of feeding the hungry? How many starving people are you OK with? Can you look a starving 3rd worlder in the eye and convince them that you are doing the right thing by assuring that they can no longer afford to buy their corn? Can you tell them that they should be happy with your vote now that they can't buy their food? By the way, the year is 2008. Get an up-to-date election method. Everyone else uses regular voting where each vote counts.

Please, if you voted for Obama and you live in one of these states, please tell us why you did so and how you are going to be able to sleep at night knowing the number of jobs you have just promised to eliminate, the extreme levels of taxes not seen in history, and the increase in starvation in the poorer nations.

By the way, here is a statement from one of the Socialists you elected, Rep Jim Moran from Virginia (Brian?!!?):

Republicans are guided by a simplistic notion that people who make money are entitled to keep it and an antipathy towards redistributing the wealth. And they may be able to sustain that for a while, but it wont work in the long run.



#1 Stresseater 05-Nov-2008
yep pretty good and as for us in Oklahoma we are the only state in the union that McCain won EVERY county in the state and we elected McCainbuy a bigger percent than anyone else so we did our damn part the rest of the nation fell down on the J-O-B
#2 Cletus 05-Nov-2008
When I move the the U.S, Oklahoma will be my destination
#3 snappedshotlover 06-Nov-2008
i love snappedshot
bc its goint to be sued by AP
bc its racist
bc its boring

i dunno why u care continuing this site-for who???
just stumbled upon and its just that ure a lame rightist/racist flaming around like hell...poor

go on fearing russia/china/communism...its just so easy to spread senselessness like u do...but its lame
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 06-Nov-2008
Yeah, as if Romania is the shining bastion of fighting for civil rights amongst the nations of the world.


Brian "Snapped Shot" L.
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 06-Nov-2008
BTW, if you were a [i]real[/i] snappedshotlover, you'd have known that the AP has already taken their shot at us. ;);)

#6 captainfish 06-Nov-2008
And just because Rooster likes to dress up in bright red women's cabaret costumes, does not mean we all are "flaming around like hell"

So there!!
#7 Peter 06-Nov-2008
Brian - you're a great guy, but on this political stuff we're worlds apart. As a start, don't you realize the auto industry in Michigan is terminal already? If it is going to be saved, we're going to have to do something radically different than we have, and taxing to invest in infrastructure and pay for basic social stability is not socialism. It's precisely the capitalism that has been most successful in this country.
#8 captainfish 06-Nov-2008
Peter, THAT IS SOCIALISM. (Let me guess, you were publicly schooled?)

And, just because a business is failing does not mean the US Government should raise our taxes and give them our money? If we do not want to purchase a company's product, then that company will not make money and will die. THAT IS CAPITALISM!!

There is no reason for the government to get involved in propping up a company or an industry that has failed. The same goes for alternative energy. If people don't want to pay MORE for an energy source, then we should not be FORCED to do so through higher fees and taxes!

Taxing to pay for basic social stability? Dude, THAT IS PURE SOCIALISM! How does taxing one small group of people make the other larger group make our nation any better?

Instead of taxing people and jobs into oblivion, why not just get out of the way and let companies have their money so that they can AFFORD to hire people. If you tax them MORE, they hire LESS.

You people need to really wake up. Yes, you are right though. You will now see RADICAL change coming. And, don't come crying to us when the economy and this nation falls.
#9 Rick 06-Nov-2008
Yeah Great! Thanks Oklahoma for supporting that Open Boarders back stabing SOB McShamnesty way to go! All these people that vote the Alphabet drive me nuts! Walking around proud that they are supporting McCain over that socialists Obama! the reason Obambi won is because there is no diferance between the two. Obama is a global waming enthusiast, so is McCain. Obama is an open boarders amnesty for Illegal aliens, so is McCain. Obama voted to socialize the banks so did McCain. Do you not see this election made NO differance in who was there. At least now we can blame the Dems instead of the RINO's.

#10 captainfish 06-Nov-2008
Responded to in another post.
#11 phil 06-Nov-2008
how's snappedshot racist? I missed something.
#12 DMartyr 08-Nov-2008
SnappedShotLover - you forgot "homophobic" as well.
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