The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Just A Reminder...

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#1 captainfish 01-Nov-2008
I HOPE I can remember.

Does this mean my clocks will give me a rebate on time? Will my clocks take time away from people who already have too much time? I can always use more time, especially at night. The time-wealthy people don't need it as much as I do.

I HOPE my clock will CHANGE.

But, that's ok. When Obama's new brown shirt civilian security force comes around, they can change my clock for me. And, if there are those who refuse to change their clocks and share their time with others, the brown shirts will change their clocks for us.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Nov-2008
DM, you literally had me laugh out loud with this post. Well done!
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