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New Disturbing Connections Bewteen Obama And Weather Underground

Zomblog has uncovered a Weather Underground newspaper with some very disturbing imagery. There, you can view the original image of the photoshopped version depicted below and discover one of several similarities between the Obama campaign logo and graphics from the long lost Communist text. Keep in mind, Barack Hussein Obama launch his political career from the living room of Bill Ayers who co-founded the terrorist group, Weather Underground.

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#1 upyernoz 02-Nov-2008
the connections go even deeper!

robert farley shows that a circular logo has also been used by firefox, at & t and google earth!

not only that, but the army field manual uses the word "audacity" even more than the WU newsletter. why in chapter 7 alone of the army manual "audacity" appears 12 times! as farley notes: "This can only mean that the Weather Underground has already successfully seized control of the United States Army!!!!!"

(sorry for the unembedded url. whenever i try to use BBCode, the site flags my comment as spam. so now i've given up trying)
#2 captainfish 03-Nov-2008
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