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Where Have I Been?

I know we have an "Election Day", but since when have we had an "Election Week"?

Where have I been? Since when have we done early walk-in voting for presidential elections? I know we have absentee ballot voting so that people who will not be in town the day of elections can still have their vote counted, but how long have we been allowing people to walk-in to the voting precincts up to a week prior to the election day?

Here in my state, they have been touting that thousands a day are coming in for "Early Voting" since last Friday. Five days before the official election day!!

Is it just me or does this really increase the possibility of voting fraud?

Is it just me that thinks this is just wrong?

[Update:] I mean, what is the point of voting early to miss the crowds if you are going to stand in line for over 2 hours anyway? And, some of these people still have no idea what they are voting on or for.

[Update2:] I wonder who these people voted for?

"We took pictures in line and we took pictures of other people and got their e-mail address so we could mail them their pictures because we all thought we were making history and we wanted to be a part of that and remember it as much as possible," said voter Angela Vinson.
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"I'm 63 years old and this is the first time, as far as voting, that I had to stand in line for almost three hours," said voter Bill Gray. "It was a good experience."



#1 DMartyr 03-Nov-2008
Voting just to make history, without caring about what they are voting for, without caring how it might affect America's future. They are too stupid to understand 'historic' is not always good, nor does it always improve.

I can see it now - in 10, 15, 20 years, America failing, corroding, collapsing, everything good America once stood for now gone, because of marxist programs ushered in by President Obama...

"But I was there when history was made!"
#2 upyernoz 03-Nov-2008
there's no reason why a week-long voting period is any more likely to include voter fraud than a single voting day.

but yeah, i don't get voting early to avoid the lines when there are 2 hour waits at the early voting places.
#3 captainfish 03-Nov-2008
[i]there's no reason why a week-long voting period is any more likely to include voter fraud than a single voting day.[/i]

if there are problems with voting problems with one day of voting, and you then multiply that by 5 days, how can you not have more problems with fraud?

This just gives people more time to concoct their fraud and more chances for paperwork to get mishandled and lost.

IMO, early voting should not be allowed. If you have a problem with long lines at your polling place, then do absentee ballot.
#4 upyernoz 03-Nov-2008
there's very little evidence of voter fraud in this or any other recent election. the republicans are talking about voter fraud this year because they're about to lose the election and want to de-legitimize the results. it's really as simple as that.
#5 captainfish 03-Nov-2008
Very little evidence??
Where have YOU been?

There is massive evidence. Look at Ohio, Iowa, Florida. We have US Senators calling for investigations into Florida robocalling.

Look at Indiana, one of many states, where ACORN is being investigated. State reps are asking for federal involvement.

Some ACORN workers have been jailed for voter fraud, while others have been jailed for prostituting for votes.

and no, this isn't the republican machine, this comes from the MSM.

If you like, I can create a whole new post highlighting all voter fraud cases across America. Though, that might take me a few days due to the enormity of it all.
#6 upyernoz 03-Nov-2008
the ACORN controversy is about voter registration-the mccain campaign claims that they submitted fraudulent registration forms to state officials. of course, you don't get on the voting rolls until state officials check the forms and approve the registration. but all that is lost on the republican party which is trying to blur the line between voter registration problems and voting problems. (and robocalls also are not voting, but rather electioneering. there is plenty of evidence of illegal electioneering in every recent election)

and yes, there is no evidence of voter fraud. just a lot of partisan noise about alleged fraud, thus far without any actual evidence.
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