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North Korea Photo Fakery? [BUMPED]

Bumped for parody goodness!
More proof is needed. Send those 'chops in now!

Ronery Kim's favorite place to eat, courtesy Sooper Seekrit NK.

The original post has been bumped below the fold, since this thread is now about mocking Li'l Kim!North Korea has issued two new photographs seeking to "prove" that Kim Jong-Il is still alive. Surprisingly enough, one of the photographs seems to have been taken without the modern convenience of "shadows:"

The Supreme Commander of the North Korean People's Army (R) talks to officials at a stadium where he watched a soccer match between military teams Mankyongbong and Jebi at an undisclosed location in North Korea in this undated picture released by KCNA November 2, 2008. KCNA did not state expressly the date the picture was taken and the name of the Supreme Commander of the North Korean People's Army, who is usually designated as North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. QUALITY FROM SOURCE. REUTERS/KCNA (NORTH KOREA)

[ Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3 ]

Update: A theory on the shadows, for my friends over at Reddit.


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#1 captainfish 02-Nov-2008
"I'm picking your NOZ"

hahahaa.. an unnamed supreme commander. guess they couldn't positively identify him either.

by the way, when was the last time you saw a soccer field with street lights in the middle of the "dirt" field.
#2 Cletus 02-Nov-2008
lol silly communists can't even photoshop right
#3 R. Elgin 03-Nov-2008
Your trackback does not work. I gave you a hat tip at
#4 Jake 04-Nov-2008
It's almost like ... they're in the shade. Weird. It's well known there's no shade in North Korea.
#5 drew 04-Nov-2008
there is actually a soft shadow running behind him to the right from extremely diffuse light from the sky. also you can see the camera flash giving a shadow to the bottom of his jacket on the step behind him. sorry guys.
#6 d8 04-Nov-2008
Here's this image at a higher resolution:

You can see a shadow of Kim Jong-Il's right leg and the bottom of his coat.
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