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Barack Hussein Obama: Use "Price Signals" To Change Behavior

In the video below, Barack Hussein Obama discusses how "price signals" - artificially inflated costs - can be used to manipulate consumers into conforming with standards set by government. Scary stuff.

(Hat Tip: Worldnet Daily & Hot Air)

[Update] Captainfish posted similar comments by Obama aimed at the coal industry. It seems if you don't comply with Dear Leader's future vision, he would rather financially harm you than to allow the free market run the course.

Don't be surprised if the Obamessiah tries to declare himself President for Life. He's already exposed his desire for courts to "break free from the essential constraints" of the Constitution. If he is willing to destroy the basic foundation of the United States to further his agenda, how far will he go to retain his power?

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#1 upyernoz 03-Nov-2008
so any tax policies intended to create incentives or disincentives for consumer behavior is now like socialism to you guys? for my entire adult life tax incentives have been the centerpiece of republican policy.

when you waterdown the concept of socialist this much, everyone ends up being "socialist", even mccain.
#2 DMartyr 03-Nov-2008
You obviously didn't listen to Obama's words. Intentional price increases designed to modify individual behavior goes against everything capitalism and freedom is about.

Now go be a good little subject and mindlessly & unquestioningly follow Dear Leader to whatever existence he deems is best.
#3 upyernoz 03-Nov-2008
when i clicked the play button it said "this video is no longer available."

and you've got to be kidding about "Intentional price increases designed to modify individual behavior goes against everything capitalism and freedom is about." as i said above, that's all a tax incentive or disincentive is. you impose a tax on something(i.e. increase prices) to create a disincentive for some behaviors and cut taxes (i.e. lower prices) to create an incentive for other behavior.

that was a central tenet of reaganism. rather than direct regulation to prevent or require certain behaviors you use the tax code to influence behavior while still allowing individual choice. was reagan a socialist when he tried to disqualify abortion providers from tax exemptions (thus raising the cost of abortions)? by your logic virtually every republican in modern history advocates "scary stuff".

actually, i find it amusing just how far the right is willing to lower the bar on what counts as socialism during this election. i've spent some time in some old-school communist countries, as well as some modern democratic socialist ones. the blurring of lines between the two itself is rather funny in and of itself, as it just shows how profoundly ignorant some people are about the world (i mean, the difference between say sweden and vietnam is like night and day). the wingers seem to think that calling government action they don't agree with "scary" or "socialist" makes their argument more powerful, but actually i think it's proven to be completely ineffective. without the threat of soviet tyrrany red baiting just doesn't pack the punch that it used to. and the unintended consequences in all of this is that a lot of people are getting more sympathetic to socialism after hearing that policies they like (i.e. extending medicare to more people) being stuck with the socialist label.
#4 Samuel Diamond 05-Nov-2008
I don't think either presidents can fix our problems, but what scares me about the future are people so bent on hating others.

Your whole blog is an anti-Obama cesspool. You barely talk about anything else. It's good you have your own politics. But to have so much hate and looney suggestions ( price-signals? ).

If Obama had that power wouldn't John McCain, or some conservative person in the government would've DONE something? If they didn't, that would mean that the republicans and democrats are the SAME.

If you're going to hate Obama, hate McCain, and the rest of the government for getting him the presidency. If you can't, then you are a hypocrite.

Our country will have a lot of issues. We don't need crazy Americans trying to rebuild the economy. Don't be un-American, we have a lot of work to do.
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