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Obama Tax Cut Shelved

He's not even in office and already Barack Hussein Obama is preparing his minions for one of many broken promises. But then again, voters didn't leap into this election blind. The Obama campaign started hinting for lower expectation days before we diligently marched to the polls.

Somehow, I don't think the Obamessiah followers will care. After all, the real goal of this election was to make history by putting a black man in charge. I just hope the history we make isn't one of epic failure. It would be a real shame if 233 years of building this country into the beacon of freedom it is all came crashing down because clueless idiots wanted to see a change of color in the White House.

All because we've put an inexperienced, marxist, terrorist appeaser in the most powerful position on earth, just to achieve a historic moment.

"One more such victory, and we are lost."
Pyrrhus, king of Epirus,
after defeating Roman armies at Asculum, 280 B.C.E.

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#1 captainfish 13-Nov-2008
Dmartyr, think around the box here for this. Do you think people really are ok with no tax-cuts? Think about how this election happened.

The media made this whole thing up in order to cover up for Obama's ignorance on the campaign trail. The know that he will not be able to do it, so they cover his arse. The dems and libs in congress will also take the blame in order to make Obamamama maintain the air of superhero.
#2 DMartyr 14-Nov-2008
Yes, the media is covering for Obama. Not only did they promote Obama's tax (cut) plans that was unrealistic, they are now in the process of gently letting Obama supporters down.

My point is, over the next few months, as Obama's promises one-by-one are quietly brushed aside, liberals and most those Obama worshipers are going to give him a pass.

You may right - the liberal congress & senate will place blame beyond Obama. Though I don't think they'll accept responsibility. Instead, they'll place fault somewhere on the right.They blame the "mess" the Bush Administrate left. They'll blame the minority republicans, they'll blame the conservative judges, etc.
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