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Pretty Racy, for Canada

The land of Cletus is responsible for some pretty funny stuff. Including this little number, which I don't think is "racy" because of content so much as it is for coming remarkably close to criticizing multiculturalism, which is not normally something I'd expect Canadians to do:

(h/t winston06)



#1 Cletus 13-Nov-2008
I think they may be going for a relativism angle. As in "They are so different from us, yet not so different from us"

Vancouver is a bastion of liberal hippies
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Nov-2008
Yeah, that's what I figured, which is why I said it "came remarkably close" to criticizing multi-culti.

Dang hippies. ;)
#3 captainfish 13-Nov-2008
close?? Aint no way it could be close. If it had come close, the Human Rights Commission would be all over it and had shut all of youtube down for even hosting that video. Then had the video makers thrown in jail while they investigate. Then, they bring them in to their office 10 floors below ground and conduct their "questioning".

As long as everything is kept nice and quiet, the HRC can get their blood.

Canada, and now amazingly enough Australia, are moving toward totalitarian regimes. Though, Canada has a good lead.
#4 Cletus 14-Nov-2008
Yeah, Australia is miles ahead of Canada (and leagues ahead of Europe) when it comes to fighting the combined lefty/jihad forces. The people there actually care, and won't be browbeaten into submission with accusations of "racism" and "bigotry" when they stand up for their land, their people and their culture.

This country has been going down the drain ever since Pierre Trudeau in the 60's.

That's why I fly the Canadian flag of freedom and individual sovereignty, and not the Maple leaf flag of Communalism and bowing to the state.

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