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My Response to Rick

I chose to create a whole new post for my comment to Rick from this post because I wanted this message to be up front and open for all to see. The concept that was, and will be, discussed seems to be hard for some people to grasp and I hope my response might shed a little light for those who have a hard time understanding what we who voted for McCain are dealing with.

My response:

All these people that vote the Alphabet drive me nuts!

Rick, you are correct. And, as a conservative I had to squeeze my butt-cheeks when I voted for McCain. No, I did not vote party line. I voted some bums out, and some I voted to keep in. Though, unfortunately there were more people like you suggested than there were of my ilk who vote conscience.

We who voted for McCain knew who we were voting for. And this time it was the lesser of two evils. We knew that. We knew all about McCain and his knack for giving anything to any group anything they asked for. We knew of his ties to LaRaza as well and his move toward the global warming hysteria.

the reason Obambi won is because there is no diferance between the two. Obama is a global waming enthusiast, so is McCain. Obama is an open boarders amnesty for Illegal aliens, so is McCain. Obama voted to socialize the banks so did McCain. Do you not see this election made NO differance in who was there.

But with McCain, as opposed to the Socialist Obama, he was for protecting this country. He was for standing up against tyrants. He was for maintaining what we have and not going FULL fledged socialism. He was for using our resources to protect us from the Mid-East. He was not for punitive taxation. He was not for infanticide and dismantling our military. He was not for FULL censorship at least like Obama has shown himself to be. (Yes, we DESPISED him when he created that McCain-Feingold bill. We had our hopes on Bush to overturn that. But alas.)

But, you see, even when people put the R behind their names, that does not mean we support everything they do or that they share the conservative agenda. R is just a party, a club if you will. It allows anyone to enter. Even former liberal democrats who think that being an R will get them to win an election. Same is true for the D's.

What we need is a clear distinction. We need the conservative party and the liberal party. That way we clearly know where candidates stand.

Anyway, I digress. McCain at least was pro-America. At least he had some experience on how to do something. He did not rely on his looks or his ability to act like a rock star to get ahead. McCain at least had character. McCain at least knew the immense responsibility and heritage of the presidency.

And, if you recall, many R's and especially the conservatives, did not want McCain as the candidate. He was chosen for us by the liberal states that elected Obama for President. You want to talk about selected-not-elected. There ya go.

We wanted a true conservative. But, it is hard to get your wish across when you have to fight half the country and all the media who view Conservatism and Christianity as akin to madness.

If only we had not let the liberals get in charge of the educational system, people would be able to think for themselves still. They would still have even the slightest grasp of history, government, economics, and the vastness of what their vote means.

But alas, we now have people who vote for a president because he decided to stop at their bowling alley and shoot some pins. (True. people in the alley were for McCain until they "saw" obama bowling in the place they were at. They stated that they felt he was one of them. Idiots)

The problem with most R candidates these days, is that they spend too much of their time trying to be like a D. It is painfully obvious that if you present yourself as a conservative and stick to your principles you were raised on, then you win. R's come and go. Conservatism stays. Unfortunately, so does liberalism. (Kennedy, Murtha, Durbin and Kerry) Thus the reason why we need true conservatives to counter the damaging and dangerous liberals.

At least now we can blame the Dems instead of the RINO's.

You sound mad that Oklahomans supported McCain INSTEAD of Obama. But then you state the two are the same? Are you saying that they should have voted for Obama JUST so that they could have someone else to blame? HUH?

No. When you vote your conscience and the other person wins, THEN you can blame the other people for voting in the wrong guy. I am proud of my McCain vote. I stood up for freedom and Capitalism and the deaths of millions of American soldiers through the years. Soldiers who fought and died for our FREEDOM and the American way of life.

People today just threw all that away by voting in an imbecilic and dangerous Socialist in to the Presidency.

Think of this. What does USA now have in common with Venezuela, Gaza, Iran, and Russia? They all will soon have the same form of government and they all will be lead by leaders who are friends with each other!!

That is why we voted for McCain. To NOT be friends with tyrants, dictators and socialist war-mongers. We do not want our country to be like theirs.

We do not want our country changed. It is fine the way it is. Actually, it has been fine for many, many years. We do not need a new economic system. We do not need a new welfare system. We do not need a NEW educational system like the one liberals invision. The only change that is acceptable to us conservatives, is one that takes the government down about 50 notches. In order for this country to really prosper and grow, we need LESS government not more. We do not need people from other countries coming here and telling us how bad we are and how we need to adapt to the countries THEY JUST LEFT!

This is America. It was built by those seeking freedom and religious freedom. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values taught from the BIBLE. If you want to live your life based on some other belief system, and you want to do business with a friend based on some other economic system, then fine. More power to you. That is private business. But, don't get up all in our country and try to make our country change to what YOU LEFT BEHIND! There was a reason you left your country. It sucks. Don't try to bring down our country to 3rd world levels by making us like your old country.

(And yes, I am speaking in the generic all-encompassing worldly "you". I'm ranting to the world now)

Give us a conservative candidate that protects individual freedoms. How can liberals be against that? Liberals always talk of individual freedom when it affects them. But, when it comes to someone else, they want the government to control them, to tax them, to bring them down. When you apply government control over people and their lives, how is this any different than the style of government found in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and China? Or S. Africa of late?

When it comes to voting in a SocialistMarxist-liberal racist anti-American or a liberal Republican, the choice for some of us was easy. Sort of. But, like you said, now we can blame the Dems for what happens to this country. So, Yeah, Great, Thanks for supporting Obama.



#1 Rick 07-Nov-2008
You scold me for “You sound mad that Oklahomans supported McCain INSTEAD of Obama. But then you state the two are the same? Are you saying that they should have voted for Obama JUST so that they could have someone else to blame? HUH?” I am mad at everyone who voted the lesser evil over principals.

You totally misunderstand my frustration. Voting your conscious is what is important. I say choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. There was a true conservative as a choice and because so many people are "choosing the lesser of two evils" they are still selecting and approving evil. McCain has stabbed Conservatives in the back EVERY chance he got. I am not angry with Okalahoma for following the RINO pack I am angry with all the self proclaimed conservatives that choose the lesser of two evils instead of principles. It just shows they would rather to stab a conservative in the back and be a member if the RINO pack than let it be know they are conservative and will not accept evil regardless of how much less evil it might be. A conservative will NOT choose the lesser evil over principal.

You say when you vote your conscience and loss then you can blame someone else. Tell me did you vote your conscience? So what you are telling me is that a little evil is okay with you? Your conscience is THAT flexible?

You go on and on about “We do not need people from other countries coming here and telling us how bad we are and how we need to adapt to the countries THEY JUST LEFT!” And yet you are proud to support a person who said he would be glad to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens you are referring to. What kind of conscience is that? How much different from those socialist cesspools would we become when they vote there socialist comrades in the next election?

LOL, I understand “Ranting to the world” That was the source of my original comment. I was more venting than anything. But, my point is. The conservative lost. We had a conservative choice on Tuesday. His name was Alan Keyes (sp). Yes he was not the “R” in the alphabet soup but he IS a conservative. My point is even if you know you are going to loss voting your conscience means voting your principals. Voting your principals means NOT accepting evil no matter how much lesser it may be. John McCain is a very HONORABLE man. He is a man to be respected and admired. But, he is NOT conservative!
#2 captainfish 07-Nov-2008

My apologies. I completely mis-read your comment. Your comments came to me like you were slamming people for voting FOR McCain when Obama was, not necessarily a better choice, but the same choice. I apologize. I took your comments in the completely wrong direction than what you meant.

From what you stated here, I agree with you for the most part.

Let me just say this. I actually did vote my conscience. I had to vote for McCain because I believe every vote counts. Every vote McCain got countered one that Obama got. Even if Obama won, having nearly 50% of the people voting against him, he would not have won by a landslide (majority opinion). If true conservatives had stayed out, then Obama's win would have been perceived to have been a majority win.

To me, while this was a vote for the lesser of two evils, it was also a bit more. It was a vote between Socialism and Capitalism. So, I had to vote for McCain. Else, by not voting for him I lended credence to Obama's socialism.

I apologize for taking the harsh tone with you. I misread the gist of your comments.

Can we say that... you had bile when you looked at McCain and I only had a burp? :)

By the way, I am proud that you were able to stand on your principles. If more politicians did that, then we wouldn't hate them so much. Even the Dems could be tolerated because we would at least know that they could keep their word.

Once again, I apologize for taking you out of context.
#3 Rick 07-Nov-2008
No Apologies are needed. Open and honest discussion is what makes this country great. I am equally disturbed by an Obama victory. I do not believe that Obama can do enough damage in four years to destroy our great capitalist community. There are too many of us that are armed. :) I also believe that there are enough patriotic Liberals that however much we disagree, do have the best interest of the country in mind. Not all liberals spew bile at the thought of someone having a different opinion. I have a great deal of faith in my, Our, Country. We will prevail. The right will prevail. But we need to stop saying republican. We need to get back to Conservatism. Republican is a product that is to be marketed. Conservatism is an ideology to be proud of and stood up for.

Again no appologies needed. We all have a need to vent on occation. :)
#4 captainfish 07-Nov-2008
[i]We will prevail. The right will prevail. But we need to stop saying republican. We need to get back to Conservatism. Republican is a product that is to be marketed. Conservatism is an ideology to be proud of and stood up for.[/i]

YEEEHAAAA!!! AMEN My Brother!! I think I have found a new best friend.

Sorry Brian, you've been replaced.

Viva Le Resistance!!!
Rick for Prez.
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