The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Stories in "EnvironMental"

Sep 2010 Hippy Technology: The Silent Killer
Jul 2010 Dawning of a Hyper-Technical Dark Age
Jul 2010 Newsflash: Hippies Still Lack Intelligence
Jun 2010 Welcome the Pretendustrial Revolution!
Mar 2010 An Igloo Named Gore
Jan 2010 WARMING! Brings Record Snow to S. Korea
Dec 2009 Greenpeace Pwned!
Dec 2009 Science Means You Agree, Or Else
Dec 2009 Moonbat Tech
Dec 2009 The Chicken Littles in the Press
Dec 2009 Newsflash: East Anglia E-mails Most Likely LEAKED!
Dec 2009 Warming Trends
Nov 2009 Most Scientific White House Evar Eschews Scientific Process
Nov 2009 The Only Graph That Matters
Nov 2009 Warmists Caught Faking Data: Charles Johnson Deeply Hurt, Confused
Oct 2009 Newsflash: The EPA Destroys Jobs

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