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Stories in "Fact-checking"

Feb 2009 The Dastardly Republican Era of Lobbyists!
Feb 2009 The Most Transparent Government In History
Feb 2009 Playing to the Cameras, Trois
Feb 2009 Compare and Contrast: Emergency Preparedness and Unicorns
Jan 2009 Shocka: Reporters are "Spoiled Crybabies"
Jan 2009 The Repetitive Meme Becomes Tiresome
Jan 2009 Anatomy of a Media Hoax
Jan 2009 Fauxtography on the Associated Press Wire?
Jan 2009 CAMERA Searches for Lost Hamas Fighters
Jan 2009 Those Poor, Starving Gazans
Jan 2009 The Fact-Checking that the PRESS Does?
Dec 2008 It's What Terrorists Do
Dec 2008 Hamming it Up for the Cameras (Part Deux)
Dec 2008 Reuters Does Sloppy Journalism
Dec 2008 Pushing Puppetry as News
Dec 2008 Getting Past the Narrative
Dec 2008 AP: Change in Editorial Direction?
Dec 2008 The "A" Stands for Assumptions
Nov 2008 Indian News Agency Uses "Inconvenient" Obama Photo
Oct 2008 That Which is Left Unsaid
Oct 2008 RED ALERT: China Faked Spacewalk?
Sep 2008 Iranian Re-Run Makes Agence France-Presse Wire
Sep 2008 An Entirely Different Kind of Camera Trickery!
Sep 2008 Stay Classy, the Left [Updated]
Sep 2008 This is What Happens to Republican Women
Sep 2008 Palintography
Aug 2008 Fox-tography
Aug 2008 Google Earthbender!
Jul 2008 Iranian Missile Launch (of PEACE)
Jun 2008 Deconstruction of Obama's Birth Certificate? Update: Nope!
May 2008 Tepublican Caption of the Day
May 2008 Is This "Good Enough?"
May 2008 ABC News Illustrates Excellence
Apr 2008 A Background in Conspiracyology
Apr 2008 Fair and Balanced
Apr 2008 Apples, Oranges, and Banana Splits
Mar 2008 Just Journalism, Please
Feb 2008 Urgent Wire Correction: Location, Location, Location!
Feb 2008 2.. 4.. 6.. 8
Jan 2008 On Settlements
Jan 2008 Candles in the Wind
Jan 2008 One Man's Whistleblower
Jan 2008 Reuters: Not Keen On Sarcasm
Dec 2007 Help Save Shirley Temple*! (Continued)
Dec 2007 Help Save Shirley Temple*!
Nov 2007 New Game: Is It Newsworthy?™
Nov 2007 Fire Doll Photo: Reuters Responds (UPDATED)
Oct 2007 Whence the Occupation?
Oct 2007 Death by "Quote Marks"
Oct 2007 What's missing from this report?
Aug 2007 Dang!
Jul 2007 Democrats and History
May 2007 Caption Rejected, Requires Revision...
Apr 2007 Allan Detrich Likes Photoshop
Jan 2007 The Law
Sep 2006 There's a new one for ya
Aug 2006 A case for greater fact-checking

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