The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Stories in "Human Shields"

Mar 2009 Racist Palestinians
Mar 2009 Helpful Tips for the Obama Age: Duck And Cover!
Feb 2009 Playing to the Cameras
Jan 2009 "Reacts"
Jan 2009 On the Killing of "Civilians" in Gaza
Jan 2009 They Do What They Are Taught!
Jan 2009 Another Hamas War Crime: Ignored!
Jan 2009 Gaza: Different Dogs, Same Trick
Jan 2009 Read This Now
Jan 2009 Dastardly Israelis Bomb United Nations School!
Jan 2009 Palestinian Fauxtography?
Dec 2008 Hamming it Up for the Cameras
Dec 2008 Newsflash: Hamas is at Fault
Dec 2008 Symbols are Meaningless
Dec 2008 Teaching your Children to Hate
Dec 2008 Definitely a Hostile Environment
Dec 2008 Plowing through Copyright at a Mile a Minute!
Nov 2008 Evil Eye
Oct 2008 Reuters' Priorities
Sep 2008 Lie Down With Dogs
Aug 2008 Reuters is Parsing Again
Aug 2008 IDF Cleared in Death of Fadel Shana
Jul 2008 Poor Wittle Baby!
Jul 2008 Kindergarten Graduation, Jihadi-Style
Jun 2008 Embedded with the Enemy
Jun 2008 Embedded with the Enemy
May 2008 Let's Play: Name That Injury!
May 2008 Neturei Karta: At it Again
May 2008 Student Council Elections, Jihadi-Style
Apr 2008 Eulogizing Etiquette... and Copyright?
Apr 2008 Department of Redundancy Department
Mar 2008 Bread and Circuses
Mar 2008 Good Grief
Mar 2008 Human Shields Illustrated
Mar 2008 Awkward...
Mar 2008 The Unmentionables: 1st Amendment Died on 9/11
Mar 2008 Distorting Context through Photography
Feb 2008 The Death of Nahoul the Bee
Jan 2008 That Dastardly Zionist Embargo
Jan 2008 Perpetual Victimology
Dec 2007 Extreme Irony
Nov 2007 Berries, for Berries' Sake
Nov 2007 Children Against Annapolis
Nov 2007 Ambulance Chasers, Pallywood-Style
Nov 2007 Children of Convenience
Nov 2007 Don't Mind Me, I'm DAAAAANGEROUS
Nov 2007 A Continued Astroturfing
Nov 2007 Terrorists Ask, Press Answers
Nov 2007 Peacefully Hiding Behind Children
Oct 2007 The Religion of Peace (and molotov cocktails)
Oct 2007 Useful Idiots
Sep 2007 Peekaboo!
Sep 2007 Idiocy on Film
Jun 2007 How People get Hurt in "Palestine"
Jun 2007 OUR COWARDLY PRESS--Or, "Yet more of the same"
May 2007 Wherefore art thou, Missiles?
May 2007 A Simplistic View of Life
May 2007 Crocodile tears
May 2007 Embedded with the Enemy
May 2007 When Bad Things happen to Bad People

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