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Stories in "Iran"

Sep 2011 Thank Heavens
May 2011 Incredibly Angry Guy Sighting
May 2011 Reminder: Don't Protest In Iran
Mar 2011 Incredibly Angry Guy Sighting
Mar 2011 Zombie Police Attack Force
Mar 2011 Incredibly Angry Guy Sighting
Feb 2011 The Language of Leftists
Feb 2011 BRAVO TO AFP!
Oct 2010 He Who Pulls The Strings
Sep 2010 Slow Mo Sighting
Aug 2010 Incredibly Angry Guy Sighting
Jul 2010 Incredibly Angry Guy Sighting
Jun 2010 MEHR Guards Susan Rice's Honor
May 2010 Your Caption Requested
May 2010 Jew-Jitsu
Apr 2010 Iran Clenches its Fist
Apr 2010 Another Barack Obama Diplomacy Success!
Apr 2010 Photoshopping In Real Life
Apr 2010 Introducing the New Iranian Retard!
Apr 2010 The Iranian Dichotomy in 2010
Apr 2010 Happy Fourth National Day of Nuclear Technology!
Mar 2010 Ooo, Scary: Iran Launches Facebook Intifada!
Dec 2009 Iran Tests Mid-Range Missile
Dec 2009 History Repeats: Iranian Dictator Starts Blogging Again!
Nov 2009 Our Iranian Partners in Peace, Part Deux
Nov 2009 Our Iranian Partners in Peace
Nov 2009 The Associated Press Plays Favorites
Nov 2009 Iran Also Holds Referendum On Obama
Oct 2009 Obama's Selective Nuclear Disarmament
Sep 2009 Faux-Astroturfing
Jan 2009 Supporting the Arts, Jihadi-Style!
Dec 2008 Atoms for the Lord, Amen
Nov 2008 Iranian Missile Technology: New And Improved
Oct 2008 News You Can Use
Sep 2008 Dang, I Missed Al-Quds Day!
Sep 2008 Nope, No Nazism Nearby!
Sep 2008 U.S. Strike on Iran Coming in Two Weeks?
Aug 2008 The "Nunya" Defense
Jul 2008 Reuters Reduces Itself to Parody
Apr 2008 Starting With Mahmoud
Apr 2008 Iran Expelled for Showing... Missiles?
Mar 2008 Fauxtography: Ahmadinejad Style?
Mar 2008 Iran's Connections to Terrorism
Mar 2008 Beaten to the Punch
Feb 2008 Only in George Bush's America
Feb 2008 A More Stable World Leader
Feb 2008 A Bucket-full of Teh Fail
Feb 2008 Iranian "Army Day"... of Peace
Dec 2007 People's Cube Pwns Iran
Nov 2007 Happy "Death to America" Day
Oct 2007 Freedom of Religion in Iran
Oct 2007 Gateway Pundit: Winning Friends and Influencing People
Oct 2007 King Sofa Missile Company
Sep 2007 "We are Peaceful Towards All Nations"
Sep 2007 The Curse of Repetitive Insults
Sep 2007 Dude, You're Getting a Dell (And Jail!)
Aug 2007 Iran Celebrates the "Divine Victory"
Aug 2007 Freedom of the Press, Iranian-Style
Apr 2007 Is Ahmadinejad Bluffing?
Apr 2007 And a Happy Nuclear Day to you too
Apr 2007 Robert Levinson: Supernote connection?
Mar 2007 Misleading Captions 101
Feb 2007 Genuinely fake missile technology
Feb 2007 Tom and Jerry, Zionists?
Dec 2006 Iranian Mullah-ocracy Unravelling?
Nov 2006 Cry to Daddy
Nov 2006 Once a terrorist
Nov 2006 Pwn3d by Mossad?
Nov 2006 The Religion of Peace (and nukes)
Oct 2006 Nuclear Dreams
Oct 2006 And for once
Sep 2006 Spot the Extremist
Sep 2006 Like a two-way street
Aug 2006 That's believable

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