The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Stories in "Misinformation"

Nov 2010 The Caption is Key
Jul 2010 Ultra Orthodox Jaw
Jun 2010 A Case of Complicit Cropping?
Nov 2008 The AP Loves Propaganda
Oct 2008 More Palintography
Oct 2008 Remember, Kids: Indoctrination Starts at School
Aug 2008 More Fauxtography from the Toledo Blade? [Update: Nope!]
May 2008 Fauxtographic Bullet Injury?
Mar 2008 No "Quotes" Necessary
Mar 2008 Free College for a Photo Op?
Mar 2008 Yet Another Tiresome Alignment
Mar 2008 And we'll say it again, too! (CBS ♥'s dictators)
Feb 2008 The Unwitting Propagandist
Dec 2007 It's All About the Context
Nov 2007 What about the obvious parallels?
Oct 2007 Editorializing in Photo Captions
Sep 2007 Iranian Flag Sale at Wal-Mart?
Aug 2007 Anti-Semitism at Reuters?
Aug 2007 Korean Faux-Protest?
Jul 2007 Any Weaponry Experts out There?
Jun 2007 Shameful Propaganda
May 2007 Name That Quote
Apr 2007 Your Honest Press
Mar 2007 Award-winning Pieta
Jan 2007 The Nefariousness of Zionist Balloons
Jan 2007 Ah, the benefits of checking one's e-mail
Jan 2007 AP: Always Pwn3d?
Jan 2007 Brilliant Observation
Dec 2006 Spotted: Fauxtography in Beirut?
Nov 2006 Nice editorializing
Oct 2006 Y'all thought I was just kidding
Oct 2006 That Apartheid Wall
Sep 2006 REUTERS van: Were we right?
Sep 2006 Distinct symbolism

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