The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Stories in "QuietRiots"

Feb 2011 Quiet Unrest in Cameroon
Jun 2010 Stockholm Syndrome
Oct 2009 Nice Shootin', Tex!
Jun 2008 More Good News: Court Rules Computer Models Not Copyrightable?
May 2008 Silence is not Golden!
Dec 2007 Parcel Bombing in Paris?
Dec 2007 Paris Riots, Day 3
Nov 2007 France "Youths" Riot: Day 2
Nov 2007 Paris is Burning (Again?)
Nov 2007 Rage Watch: Norwegian Memoir Insults the Prophet
Nov 2007 Pakistan is Burning
Sep 2007 Quelle Surprise: A Peaceful Outing in Switzerland
Sep 2007 The Degeneration of the West
Sep 2007 Swedish Cartoon Rage Rising
Apr 2007 Those Silly AIDS Melons
Mar 2007 Happy Day!
Mar 2007 Water: Still Wet
Oct 2006 Carefully orchestrated chaos?
Oct 2006 The Religion of Peace (and burning Belgium?)
Oct 2006 The New French Revolution?
Oct 2006 More quiet riots
Oct 2006 France toughens penalties for attacks on police
Oct 2006 No hate crime here...
Oct 2006 Wah wah, discrimination
Oct 2006 An update on French dhimmitude
Oct 2006 Nope, there doesn't seem to be anything to
Oct 2006 I'm flattered
Oct 2006 Another unreported riot?
Sep 2006 Brussels back to normal, for now
Sep 2006 Those "youths" are at it again

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