The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Stories in "SnappedShots"

May 2011 Wholly Inappropriate
May 2011 Edited for Whoopi Goldberg
May 2011 Jamiat ul-GaGa
Feb 2011 And now: It's Camelshop Time!
Aug 2010 Sweet, Sweet Juxtaposition
Aug 2010 On Vacations
Jun 2010 Women's Rights
Jun 2010 Solutions
Jun 2010 Sad Keanu is Sad
Mar 2010 There He Goes Again
Mar 2010 Awesome Jobs: Meet Mr. Official Iranian Salute Guy!
Mar 2010 Not 'Shopped: Reuters Nixes Evil Zionist Batons
Jan 2010 State of the Union: Iran Responds!
Jan 2010 Reading Lessons
Dec 2009 Iran Tests Mid-Range Missile
Dec 2009 Hive Mind: Must See?
Dec 2009 The New Emperor's Clothes
Feb 2009 We Are Living In Soviet Russia
Jan 2009 Good News: Obama is not Jimmy Carter!
Nov 2008 Fidel's Alive!
Nov 2008 North Korea Photo Fakery? [BUMPED]
Sep 2008 Open Thread: Mocking The One!
Sep 2008 Iranian Re-Run Makes Agence France-Presse Wire
Sep 2008 Barack Obama, Translated
Aug 2008 "Green" Turning Brown?
Aug 2008 Daily Dictator, Photoshop Phriday Edition
Jul 2008 Am I Mean-Spirited?
Jul 2008 Unindicted Marketing Campaigns
Jul 2008 Holy Shutter Speed, Batman!
Jul 2008 Happy Anniversary: The Ted Kennedy Aquarium
Jul 2008 CMMI Made Me Do It
Jul 2008 The Hottest New Game
Jul 2008 Ahh, Diversity: State Department's 2009 Churches of America Calendar [BUMPED]
Jul 2008 BWAHAHAHA: More Iranian Fauxtography REALtography
Jul 2008 Islamic Rage Boy Parody Roundup
Jul 2008 Rage Boy Photoshop Contest: The Results Are In!
Jul 2008 Rageman Parody Roundup
Jul 2008 What's Up, Doc?
Jul 2008 What's In a Portrait?
Jul 2008 Welcome to Ye Blogosphere
Jul 2008 Mocking Mao
Jul 2008 Rage Boy Sighting
Jul 2008 Posting Associated Press Photos for Fun and Profit
Jul 2008 In My Absolut World
Jul 2008 Rage Boy Sighting!
Jul 2008 CNN's New Weather Guy
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jul 2008 Great Product Placement
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jun 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jun 2008 It's Just Photoshop:™ Average Obama Crowd
Jun 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jun 2008 For Yeniçag, A Gift
Jun 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jun 2008 Daily (Blackfaced) Dictator
Jun 2008 It's Just Photoshop:™ Obama's Average Crowd
Jun 2008 It's Not Photoshop:™ Headscarves Shunned from Obama Event

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