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Stories in "TROP"

Sep 2011 Inshallahshaheed goes BOOOOOM!
Jul 2011 Bravery in Afghanistan
Jun 2011 Ragetastic!
Jun 2011 Attempted Bombing at the Pentagon?
Jun 2011 No Problem Here
Jun 2011 FEMEN Drives
May 2011 Rage Christians
May 2011 Spoilsport XVI
May 2011 Spoilsport XV
May 2011 Spoilsport XIV
May 2011 Spoilsport XIII
May 2011 Spoilsport XII
May 2011 Spoilsport XI
May 2011 Spoilsport X
May 2011 Spoilsport IX
May 2011 Spoilsport IIX
May 2011 Spoilsport VII
May 2011 Spoilsport VI
May 2011 Spoilsport V
May 2011 Spoilsport IV
May 2011 Spoilsport III
May 2011 Spoilsport II
May 2011 Spoilsport
Dec 2010 On Woman's Rights
Dec 2010 Whipped for Wearing Pants
Nov 2010 Celebrate Diversity: Doctor Assaulted for Treating Patient
Oct 2010 The Two Terrors
Sep 2010 Happy Al-Quds Day!
Aug 2010 Islamic Charity
Aug 2010 Mecca Time Starts Tomorrow
Aug 2010 Kashmiri Militants React to Flooding
Aug 2010 Demonstrating Violence
Aug 2010 Scout Camp
Jul 2010 The Virus is Spreading
Jul 2010 And Again: It's Mecca Time
Jun 2010 Things Not To Do In Saudi Arabia
Apr 2010 British Muslims Outraged over Firing-Range Mosque
Jan 2010 The Afghan War Hits Home
Dec 2009 Paris is Lost
Nov 2009 Our Endless War Against Islam
Oct 2009 Reminder: Poverty Does *Not* Cause Terrorism
Oct 2009 Jihadi Crüe
Oct 2009 Jihadi Dearest
Mar 2009 Leftists on "Damage" Control
Mar 2009 Treachery
Feb 2009 Diversity: Suicide Bomber Recruited... in the U.S.A.
Jan 2009 Rocket Launchers of PEACE
Jan 2009 Their Parents Must Be So Proud
Dec 2008 Society for the Perpetuation of Cruelty to Women
Dec 2008 Discrimination, Palestinian Style
Nov 2008 Women Storage Device
Sep 2008 Celebrate Diversity: Proper Behavior on Ramadan
Sep 2008 Wonderful New Word: Islamofauxia!
Sep 2008 On "Innocents"
Sep 2008 I'm Outraged: Hickaphobia!
Sep 2008 Multicultural Education 101
Aug 2008 The Humanity of Adolph Hitler
Aug 2008 Diversity: British Government to Observe Religious Practice
Aug 2008 Remember: Jihad Means
Aug 2008 Ahh, Diversity
Aug 2008 One Man's Protest
Aug 2008 Intestinal Fortitude, Italian-Style
Aug 2008 Such Bulletproof Logic
Aug 2008 The Associated Press Promotes Islam
Aug 2008 What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Jul 2008 The Religion of Peace (and hateful wenches)
Jul 2008 Nuance: Blowing Up A Plane? A Public "Nuisance"
Jul 2008 Assud the Bunny Submits to Sharia Law
Jul 2008 Evening Fan Mail
Jul 2008 Morning Fan Mail
Jul 2008 Rushdie Rage Watch: He Won Some Award
Jul 2008 Afternoon Fan Mail: Best Idea, Evar
Jun 2008 Christians Threaten to Kill Anti-Catholic Artist
Jun 2008 For Yeniçag, A Gift
Jun 2008 Afternoon Fan Mail
Jun 2008 Business Going Strong: Flags Flambée for Euro-Muslims
Jun 2008 Morning Fan Mail
Jun 2008 The Religion of Peace (and assaulting photojournalists)
Jun 2008 The Religion of Peace (and being above criticism)
May 2008 Proper Qu'ran Cleaning Technique #2
May 2008 Clash of the Leftist Titans
May 2008 The Religion of Peace (and assaulting reporters)
May 2008 Police Protection for Provocative Pulpit
May 2008 The Soviet Source of Islamic Terror
May 2008 Get-Out-The-Vote, Jihadi-Style
May 2008 True Bravery: Burning the Qur'an in Iran
May 2008 Brussels Journal Threatened over 17th Century Pulpit
May 2008 Top 9 Things Muslims Don't Like
May 2008 Jihadi Student Council: Elected!
May 2008 What Happens In Bahrain...
Apr 2008 Chivalry, Jihadi-Style
Apr 2008 The Blindness of Political Correctness
Apr 2008 A Broken Watch: It's Mecca Time Again!
Apr 2008 Very Flattering
Apr 2008 Multicultural Outreach 101
Apr 2008 Coming Soon to the English Caliphate?
Apr 2008 The More Things Change
Apr 2008 The Irony is Not Lost On Me
Apr 2008 Fitna the Movie HAS BEEN RELEASED
Mar 2008 Explosion in Kashmir?
Mar 2008 Job Hunting, Jihadi-style
Mar 2008 The Religion of Peace (and Mistaken Identity!)
Mar 2008 Coming Soon!
Feb 2008 Happy Valentine's Day
Feb 2008 Third Holiest Site in All of Judaism TORCHED
Feb 2008 Those Dang Presbyterians
Feb 2008 The Religion of Peace (and destroying Israel)
Feb 2008 Kids and Not-So-Toy Guns?
Feb 2008 Who Woulda Thunk It?
Jan 2008 Not your Grandfather's Casablanca
Jan 2008 100 Percent Pure Turkish Pwnage
Jan 2008 Geert Wilders is My Hero
Jan 2008 Merry Ashura
Jan 2008 The Religion of Peace (and child abuse)
Jan 2008 Taking Credit, Due or Not
Jan 2008 Sports Fandom, Jihadi-Style
Dec 2007 The Religion of Peace (and RIOTING)
Dec 2007 Constantly-Offended Sensibilities
Nov 2007 Double Standards, 007-Style
Nov 2007 Rage Watch:™ New Dutch Film on the Way
Nov 2007 Dissonance in Diplomacy
Nov 2007 Here Cometh the Groom
Nov 2007 The Religion of Peace x 10,000
Nov 2007 Pining for Equipment Damage
Nov 2007 Drilling Buddha
Nov 2007 The Religion of Peace (and FIRE)
Nov 2007 Reasoned Debate, Jihadi-Style
Nov 2007 Criminal Speech in France?
Nov 2007 Islam Invented Everything
Nov 2007 Dar al-Londonistan
Oct 2007 Alms for The Religion of Peace
Oct 2007 Kossack Advocates Surrender... to ISLAM?
Oct 2007 The Religion of Peace (and RPGs!)
Oct 2007 Double Shocka: Wackademic Hates Israel
Oct 2007 A Prayer for the Dead
Oct 2007 Snapped Shot: Always Pwning Jihadis
Oct 2007 The Communist/Muslim Alliance?
Oct 2007 London is Burning
Oct 2007 Ahh, the beauty of militant Islam...
Sep 2007 A War on Human Rights?
Sep 2007 Shoulda Thunk It!
Sep 2007 The Religion of Peace (and Tolerance)
Sep 2007 The Religion of Peace (and guns)
Aug 2007 Sweden: Going the way of Denmark?
Aug 2007 The Religion of Peaceful Youths
Aug 2007 I Wonder
Jul 2007 And to think
Jul 2007 Three cheers for "Diversity"
Jul 2007 One for the ol' Reading List
Jul 2007 Reuters Photographer Killed in Iraq
Jun 2007 Love Letter from Londonistan
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: Day Four
Jun 2007 Libyan Shakedown Continues
Jun 2007 Hate it when that Happens!
Jun 2007 Airport Security, Jihadi-Style
Jun 2007 The Religion of Peace (and child abuse)
Jun 2007 Answer: Entirely Preventable
Jun 2007 Kindergarden Graduations, Jihadi Style
May 2007 The Religion of Peace (and car doors)
May 2007 The Religion of Peace (and child care)
May 2007 The Religion of Peace (and education)
Apr 2007 The Religion of Peace (and bookstores)
Feb 2007 The Repetition of Time
Jan 2007 An Isle of Contrasts
Jan 2007 The Internationalization of Terror
Jan 2007 End of an Empire? [BUMPED]
Jan 2007 The Future of Europe
Jan 2007 The Religion of Peace (and knifing da JOOS)
Jan 2007 Unemployment, Jihadi-Style
Jan 2007 Democracy, Jihadi-Style
Dec 2006 Ouch!
Dec 2006 The Religion of Peace (and burnin' stuff!)
Dec 2006 The Religion of Peace (and child abuse)
Dec 2006 The Religion of Peace(s)
Dec 2006 The Shock! The Horror!
Nov 2006 Boy, is now ever a good time
Nov 2006 Truth in advertising
Oct 2006 Crikey! Undescribable rape epidemic Down Under!
Oct 2006 Shrimp on the barbie of peace?
Oct 2006 Accelerated virginocity?
Oct 2006 Touching
Oct 2006 How do you say "incredulity"
Oct 2006 Uncommon sense from Denmark
Oct 2006 Eid Mubarak?
Oct 2006 Georgetown, Saudi Arabia?
Oct 2006 Telegraph misses by a mile
Oct 2006 Broken Clock Alert?
Oct 2006 The Religion of Peace (and tired old insults)
Oct 2006 "Who Knew" Alert
Oct 2006 Holy cow!
Oct 2006 International Outrage Committee
Oct 2006 Tragic!
Oct 2006 What do you call it when
Oct 2006 Familiar tune
Oct 2006 What's the use
Oct 2006 The need for western ideals
Oct 2006 Aw jeez, not this again...
Sep 2006 Freedom of the press, Jihadi-style...
Sep 2006 But they were PEACEFUL rocks
Sep 2006 Freedom of Religion, Jihadi-style...
Sep 2006 Such enlightened culture
Sep 2006 The religion of peace (and bazookas)
Sep 2006 Are they really?

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