The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Stories in "Thug Conferences"

Nov 2008 Teh Cool?
Oct 2008 Seeing War Through the Eyes of the Enemedia
Sep 2008 Photo from an Undisclosed Location
Aug 2008 Faux Press Conferences
Aug 2008 Mahmud Hams, AFP Photographer for the Masses
Jun 2008 Not the Brightest Broom in the Shed
Jun 2008 This One Gets My Vote
Jun 2008 It's Not Photoshop:™ Headscarves Shunned from Obama Event
Apr 2008 A Slightly Strong Sense of Strength
Mar 2008 The Terrorist-Media Complex
Mar 2008 Thuggery and Press Conferences
Mar 2008 Familiar Faces?
Mar 2008 Cheerleading for the Terrorists
Jan 2008 The Terrorist/Media Convergence
Oct 2007 Celebrating the Victory of Thugs
Oct 2007 I Dream of Jihad
Sep 2007 Israeli Dog Bites Thuggish Man
Jul 2007 Al Aqsa Glowing Tribute: A Hamas Reaction
Jul 2007 Bringing Glory to Thug(ette)s
Jun 2007 Not Murderous Enough?
May 2007 The complicity of the press

(This feature is still a work in progress. Please check back here later to see if more content magically appears!)

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