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Stories in "Your Protest Stinks"

Feb 2009 Sure Thing!
Feb 2009 Happy Kashmir Day!
Jan 2009 Bombing on Tribs Obama
Jan 2009 Plenty of Practice
Jan 2009 Rīga is Burning
Jan 2009 Crazy Attention-Seeking Bag Lady Returns
Jan 2009 Peace, Love, and Rockets
Jan 2009 How Many More Lines to Cross?
Jan 2009 Is This Hatred?
Jan 2009 Europe is Tolerant
Jan 2009 To Infinity, and Beyond!
Jan 2009 We Rocket You to Peace!
Jan 2009 Brazil: Land of 1,000 Beaches (and TERRORISTS!)
Jan 2009 Signs I'd Love to See at a Peace Rally
Jan 2009 He Means Peaceful Jihad, Of Course
Jan 2009 Winner: Best Protest Costume of 2009
Jan 2009 Vying for the Job
Jan 2009 Doctors You Can Trust!
Jan 2009 Protester of the Year, 2009!
Jan 2009 KISS Fan Club FAIL
Dec 2008 Worst. Warcrimes. Ever.
Dec 2008 Fail Flag
Dec 2008 The Irony is Not Lost On Me
Dec 2008 Artfail
Dec 2008 Down with America*
Dec 2008 I'm Rubber, You're Glue
Dec 2008 Photographers In Love
Dec 2008 Don't Bane Me, Bro!
Dec 2008 Spontaneity is Key™
Dec 2008 A Bad Case of Projection
Nov 2008 Does Not Compute
Nov 2008 It's Fozzie!
Nov 2008 Now That's My Kind of Conservative!
Oct 2008 Oh, That Recycling!
Sep 2008 Look! It's the Bogeyman!
Sep 2008 Yasin Malik, the Shrinking Lilly of Kashmir
Aug 2008 Bycott Bycott Bycott
Aug 2008 YMC-AAaaarggh!
Aug 2008 Prosperity
Jul 2008 Diversity in Action!
Jun 2008 Death to America (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
Jun 2008 All Aboard the Allah Bus
Jun 2008 Commonman to the Rescue
Jun 2008 This Is Real Picture
Jun 2008 That's Right, He Can Stay Forever
Jun 2008 The Rising Costs of Idiocy
Jun 2008 I Hate Saletax Cess!
Jun 2008 Surely, She Means Olmert
Jun 2008 Just Like You Bombed Art School
Jun 2008 Guantanamo Bay Health Resort and Luxury Spa
May 2008 Happy Nakba, Y'all!
May 2008 Almost Nakba 2008: Israel is a Racits
May 2008 Good Job: Amazingly Accurate Caption
Apr 2008 Good Luck Swastika?
Apr 2008 An Asult to Reason
Apr 2008 Proper Rage Targeting
Mar 2008 Brian is Also Teh Christian Terroris !!!
Mar 2008 Finally, a Genuine Geert!
Mar 2008 Protest Self-Portraiture
Mar 2008 Rage Duuuuude Sighting
Mar 2008 What We Defse(rve)
Mar 2008 Doing it for the Cameras
Mar 2008 Did You Know?
Mar 2008 Crush Denmark
Mar 2008 The Commonality of Murderousness
Mar 2008 Pakistani Peacemakers
Mar 2008 Selective Outrage Syndrome, Day OF RAGE!
Mar 2008 The Day of Fluffy Pillows (and RAGE!)
Mar 2008 ________ stirs up Muslim anger
Feb 2008 Rage Lawyer
Feb 2008 How's That Old Joke Go?
Feb 2008 Happy Denmark Day... of RAGE!
Feb 2008 Anti-Danish Rage, Indonesian Edition
Feb 2008 Personifying Denmark
Feb 2008 Danish Protests: Already Getting Started?
Feb 2008 Gaza: Still Ragin' Against Denmark
Feb 2008 Compare And Contrast
Feb 2008 Worldwide Anti-Israeli Day of RAGE!
Feb 2008 Happy (Raging) Kashmir Day!
Jan 2008 Londonistan Calling
Jan 2008 Happy Israel-Hating Day... of RAGE!
Jan 2008 Dude, Where's my Protest?
Jan 2008 Al-Quds Day = "Blame Da Joooos" Day
Jan 2008 Our Allies in Egypt
Jan 2008 Professional Protester, Palestinian-Style
Dec 2007 Truth in Advertising
Dec 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: Day of RAGE Edition
Nov 2007 Anti-Annapolis Protests: Day 2?
Nov 2007 Worldwide Anti-Annapolis Protests: Day 1
Nov 2007 Pseudo-Protesters: Unquestioned
Nov 2007 Pakistan's Curious Little Jihadi Problem
Oct 2007 4 People = MANDATE!
Oct 2007 Happy Al-Quds West-Hating Fun Day
Oct 2007 Save That Date!
Sep 2007 Pakistani Firestorm
Jul 2007 Git yer cameras ready!
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: Day Two
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: A Thoughtful Reaction
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: Day Three
Jun 2007 Happy Friday, y'all
Apr 2007 Earth Day Funnies
Oct 2006 Citgo takes off gloves?
Sep 2006 -crickets-
Sep 2006 Thousands upon thousands?
Sep 2006 The Religion of the Perpetually Offended

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