The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Stories in "YourProtestStinks"

Sep 2011 Bright Signs, Smiley Faces
Aug 2011 Happy Al-Qods Day Of Introspection, Now With 100% More Jew-Hating!
Aug 2011 Crass
Aug 2011 Islamic Rage... Zombies?
Aug 2011 Amusement
Jul 2011 Astroturf II
Jul 2011 Astroturf
Jul 2011 Equal Opportunity
Jul 2011 Smoking
Jul 2011 Occupation Fever
Jun 2011 World Biggest Satan
Jun 2011 Serious Reaper is Serious
Jun 2011 So Leave
Jun 2011 Projection Queen
Jun 2011 Hopscotch
May 2011 Well-Balanced Women
May 2011 It's Friday in Pakistan
May 2011 The Media/Activist Matrix
May 2011 Rage Jews
May 2011 Their Naqba Pleases Me Greatly
May 2011 The Unthinkable
Apr 2011 Green and White... But Mostly White
Apr 2011 Ulterior Motives
Mar 2011 Rally for Rights (And Terrorists)
Mar 2011 When All You Have Is A Hammer
Mar 2011 Calculating Protest Coverage
Mar 2011 Don't Drive in Yemen
Mar 2011 Recursion
Feb 2011 Incredibly Angry Guy Sighting
Feb 2011 John Kerry Has Been Hung
Feb 2011 Slow News Day
Feb 2011 Pakistan as Usual
Feb 2011 Bread Head
Feb 2011 Abnormals
Jan 2011 Angry Communists
Jan 2011 Rage Against the Pop
Jan 2011 What Could Go Wrong?
Jan 2011 Attention Linkwhoring
Dec 2010 The Srinagar Screamer
Dec 2010 Steadfast
Dec 2010 Using Any Excuse
Oct 2010 Michael Jackson 4 Evuh (...THUD!)
Aug 2010 Celebrating Ramadan in Kashmir
Aug 2010 Celebrating Ramadan in Kashmir
Aug 2010 Celebrating Ramadan in Kashmir
Aug 2010 Protest Etiquette
Aug 2010 Loos Spelliing
Jul 2010 Bogeythings
Jun 2010 WHOA: Protest Pwners Reveal Themselves!
Jun 2010 Pwning Protesters 101
Jun 2010 The Elder of Ziyon Does My Work For Me
May 2010 Happy Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!
May 2010 Pakistan Rages Against the Facebook Machine
Apr 2010 With Enamys Like These
Mar 2010 Memory Lane
Mar 2010 Mr. Overenthusiastic 2010
Jan 2010 International Peace Activists are Idiots
Jan 2010 Caption Does Not Compute
Jan 2010 Dimwit Bagheads
Jan 2010 A Bad Case of E.D.
Dec 2009 Unflattering
Dec 2009 Bad Idea: Hosting A Press Conference On Your Opponent's Front Steps
Oct 2009 Hillory Go Back!
Oct 2009 Point of Order for Reuters
Oct 2009 Tony Blair Assaulted In Mosque
Oct 2009 Islam: Kid Tested, Rage Boy Approved!
Oct 2009 Smarterest Protester of Evuh!

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