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Stories tagged with "AP"

Sep 2011 I Know the Feeling
Aug 2011 Angled
Aug 2011 Smitten
Aug 2011 Islamic Rage... Zombies?
Aug 2011 Amusement
Jul 2011 Go Fly a Kite
Jul 2011 The Coward Returns
Jul 2011 Your UN Dollars, Continued
Jul 2011 That Giant Television Again
Jul 2011 Brilliant Moments in Framing
Jul 2011 Falling Down
Jul 2011 Smoking
Jul 2011 AP Stringer Ousted
Jul 2011 Barrel Lens
Jul 2011 Forcing the Meme
Jun 2011 On Syrian Refugees
Jun 2011 Extreme Astroturfing
Jun 2011 No Problem Here
Jun 2011 Hopscotch
May 2011 Old People!
May 2011 Nice Sunglasses
May 2011 North Korea Looks Awesome
May 2011 Bashar's Buddies
May 2011 Shooting al-Aqsa
May 2011 Spoilsport XI
May 2011 Demolition Derby
May 2011 Spoilsport IIX
Mar 2011 On "Suspected" Terrorists
Mar 2011 On Volunteers
Feb 2011 The AP Speaks the Truth
Feb 2011 Mourning a Man Named Jihad
Feb 2011 A Medicine Factory, Of Course
Feb 2011 Angry Egyptian Camel Guy
Jan 2011 Jihad is His Career
Jan 2011 For Nothing
Jan 2011 Outnumbered
Jan 2011 Peace
Dec 2010 Imbalance
Dec 2010 Using Any Excuse
Nov 2010 The Caption is Key
Aug 2010 Today's Ramadan Theme Is Checkpoints
Aug 2010 Yeah, That's Relevant
Aug 2010 The Highly Paid Hotties of Hezbullah
Aug 2010 Memo to Fayaz Kabli and Dar Yasin
Aug 2010 Stealth Mode
Jul 2010 Kevin Frayer Film Noir
Jul 2010 Photographers Roughed Up in Hebron
Jul 2010 The Associated Press Gets its Woot Deserts
Jul 2010 Turkey Demands An Apology
May 2010 The Associated Press Pushes Dictatorship
Mar 2010 Mr. Overenthusiastic 2010
Mar 2010 Islamic Jihad FAIL!
Jan 2010 The Hazards of Getting Too Close [BUMPED]
Jan 2010 Not Afraid
Jan 2010 Talented Wire Photography
Jan 2010 His Name Was "Jihad"
Jan 2010 Ben Curtis Admits Hezbollah Hid In Apartments
Jan 2010 Caption Does Not Compute
Jan 2010 Dimwit Bagheads
Jan 2010 Ben Curtis Reminisces on Toys
Jan 2010 Mahmoud Abbas in Space Invaders II: Hamas Must Die!
Dec 2009 Disconnect
Dec 2009 Unflattering
Jan 2010 Caption Does Not Compute
Dec 2009 Bilal Hussein is a Biased Hack
Dec 2009 Pack Journalism Writ Large
Dec 2009 Playing with the Cameras
Dec 2009 World Weary
Dec 2009 Crocodile Tears
Dec 2009 That's Some Scuffle
Nov 2009 O NOES: It's Zomb-ama!
Nov 2009 Some Assembly Required
Oct 2009 Hillory Go Back!
Oct 2009 Emilio Morenatti is a Winner!
Oct 2009 Reminder: Poverty Does *Not* Cause Terrorism
Oct 2009 Afghani University Students Are Raaaaacist!
Oct 2009 The AP's Oded Balilty Eschews Color
Oct 2009 Muhammed Muheisen Turns To Advertising
Oct 2009 Altaf Qadri Is Awesome
Oct 2009 When Pastry Chefs Go Bad
Oct 2009 Slow News Day Marathon
Oct 2009 Mother of the Year Award!
Mar 2009 Pretty In Pink
Feb 2009 On Wire Photo Appropriation
Feb 2009 Presidential!
Feb 2009 Shepard Fairey Arrested in Boston
Feb 2009 More on AP vs. Shepard Fairey
Feb 2009 Schadenfreude: Associated Press Sharks Attack Shepard Fairey!
Feb 2009 Neaux-tography
Jan 2009 Miracle: Kevin Frayer Finds a Hamas Militant
Jan 2009 "Reacts"
Jan 2009 We Must Believe Media. Right?
Jan 2009 Fadi Arouri (Reuters) is my New Best Friend!
Jan 2009 Fauxtography on the Associated Press Wire?
Jan 2009 Their Parents Must Be So Proud
Jan 2009 Doctors You Can Trust!
Dec 2008 One Solution for World Peace?
Dec 2008 Pushing Puppetry as News
Dec 2008 When You Play With Fire....
Dec 2008 Not the Sharpest Bush
Dec 2008 Repeat After Me: Journalists Are Impartial
Dec 2008 Photographers In Love
Dec 2008 The Lede Says It All
Dec 2008 Sigh...
Dec 2008 A Bad Case of Projection
Dec 2008 The "A" Stands for Assumptions
Dec 2008 Subtle
Nov 2008 Does Not Compute
Nov 2008 Muhammed Muheisen does France?
Nov 2008 Tough Judaism
Nov 2008 The AP Loves Propaganda
Nov 2008 A Post Brian Would Love
Nov 2008 Reuters Interprets Scripture
Nov 2008 Women Storage Device
Nov 2008 American Soldiers Are Scary
Nov 2008 The AP Questions Everything
Nov 2008 Hamas Does Public Relations
Nov 2008 Tiresome
Oct 2008 Wire Phun-tography
Sep 2008 Do We Have To Vote For McCain?
Sep 2008 Open Thread: Mocking The One!
Sep 2008 On "Innocents"
Sep 2008 Photo from an Undisclosed Location
Sep 2008 Proper Funeral Attire
Sep 2008 Yasin Malik, the Shrinking Lilly of Kashmir
Sep 2008 Barack Obama, Translated
Sep 2008 Palintography
Aug 2008 More Fauxtography from the Toledo Blade? [Update: Nope!]
Aug 2008 Cheerleading for the Terrorists
Aug 2008 Prosperity
Aug 2008 Like Fathers, Like Sons
Aug 2008 Sneak Preview: The Ring III
Aug 2008 Climate Fauxtography!
Aug 2008 Let's Play: If Israel Did This
Aug 2008 The Associated Press Promotes Islam
Aug 2008 Daily Dictator, Photoshop Phriday Edition
Jul 2008 Holy Shutter Speed, Batman!
Jul 2008 Unindicted Marketing Campaigns
Jul 2008 Am I Mean-Spirited?
Jul 2008 The Hottest New Game
Jul 2008 Happy Anniversary: The Ted Kennedy Aquarium
Jul 2008 CMMI Made Me Do It
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jul 2008 Ahh, Diversity: State Department's 2009 Churches of America Calendar [BUMPED]
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jul 2008 BWAHAHAHA: More Iranian Fauxtography REALtography
Jul 2008 Iranian Missile Launch (of PEACE)
Jun 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jun 2008 AP to Bloggers: Chill Out!
Jun 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jun 2008 It's Just Photoshop:™ Average Obama Crowd
Jun 2008 It's Just Photoshop:™ Obama's Average Crowd
Jun 2008 My Free Four Words - AP Style
Jun 2008 It's Not Photoshop:™ Headscarves Shunned from Obama Event
Jun 2008 LOL: New AP-Approved Blog Pricing Tool
Jun 2008 Holy Cow: AP Caught Stealing from Cookie Jar, Again?
Jun 2008 AP Goons Attack Drudge Retort
Jun 2008 That's Right, He Can Stay Forever
Jun 2008 Just Like You Bombed Art School
Jun 2008 Surely, She Means Olmert
Jun 2008 Daily (Blackfaced) Dictator
May 2008 The World's Newest ... Gardeners?
May 2008 Rage Journalist
Jun 2008 In Mahmoud's World
May 2008 Daily Dose of Irony
Jun 2008 For Yeniçag, A Gift
Jul 2008 Great Product Placement
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jun 2008 This Is Real Picture
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jul 2008 In Mahmoud's World
Jul 2008 CNN's New Weather Guy
Apr 2008 A Background in Conspiracyology
Apr 2008 Eulogizing Etiquette... and Copyright?
Apr 2008 Palestinian Fauxtography? (BUMPED)
Jul 2008 Rage Boy Sighting!
Jul 2008 In My Absolut World
Apr 2008 The Peace Bus
Mar 2008 Rage Duuuuude Sighting
Mar 2008 It Must Be "Youths"day
Jul 2008 Posting Associated Press Photos for Fun and Profit
Mar 2008 Fauxtography: Ahmadinejad Style?
Jun 2008 Holy Cow!
Mar 2008 "Imperealist"
Mar 2008 Let's Play: Is It News?
Jun 2008 AP Caught Red-Handed?
Mar 2008 A Questionable Choice of Framing
Mar 2008 Fauxtography, Jihadi-Style
Mar 2008 Did You Know?
Aug 2008 Bycott Bycott Bycott
Mar 2008 Yet Another Tiresome Alignment
Jun 2008 Whither Fair Use?
Jun 2008 And Thusly, We March On
Jun 2008 Snapped Shot: Pwned by the Associated Press
Feb 2008 Happy Denmark Day... of RAGE!
Feb 2008 Anti-Danish Rage, Indonesian Edition
Feb 2008 Gaza: Still Ragin' Against Denmark
Feb 2008 Happy Valentine's Day
Feb 2008 Embedded with the Enemy
Jul 2008 Rage Boy Sighting
Feb 2008 2.. 4.. 6.. 8
Feb 2008 Happy (Raging) Kashmir Day!
Jan 2008 Rafah Rioting
Feb 2008 Worldwide Anti-Israeli Day of RAGE!
Jan 2008 A Dubious Retirement
Jul 2008 Mocking Mao
Jan 2008 BOMBING IN BEIRUT: American Diplomatic Car Targeted?
Jan 2008 Our Allies in Egypt
Jul 2008 Welcome to Ye Blogosphere
Jul 2008 What's In a Portrait?
Jul 2008 What's Up, Doc?
Jan 2008 Just for Good Measure
Dec 2007 Epic Fail Protest
Dec 2007 Such Telling Loyalties
Jul 2008 Rageman Parody Roundup
Dec 2007 The Grass is Always Greener
Dec 2007 Santa Got Run Over By the IDF
Dec 2007 Dang, Why Didn't I Think of That?
Dec 2007 (Friend of) Rage Boy Sighting
Dec 2007 The Art of Taking Sides
Dec 2007 Rage Boy: Palestine
Dec 2007 Palestinian Funeral Oopsie
Dec 2007 Daily (Car-Manufacturing) Dictator
Dec 2007 Bombing in Beirut!
Dec 2007 The Dictatorship of the Press
Dec 2007 Daily Dictator
Dec 2007 We Support Our Thugs
Dec 2007 Rage Boy Watch: Srinagar 30-Nov-2007
Dec 2007 A Litany of Endless Demands
Dec 2007 Nothing but Total Conquest
Dec 2007 Extreme Irony
Feb 2008 The Art of Copying Each Other
Nov 2007 Anti-Annapolis Protests: Day 2?
Feb 2008 Kids and Not-So-Toy Guns?
Nov 2007 Worldwide Anti-Annapolis Protests: Day 1
Nov 2007 Fault Fault, it's Always Your Fault
Nov 2007 Children Against Annapolis
Nov 2007 AP Photographer Bilal Hussein: Charges Pending
Nov 2007 A Proper Context for Everything
Nov 2007 A Society Without Parallels
Nov 2007 "Clashes" at Arafat Memorial
Nov 2007 Daily Dictator
Jul 2008 Rage Boy Photoshop Contest: The Results Are In!
Nov 2007 Pseudo-Protesters: Unquestioned
Nov 2007 Intra-Fada: Partner in Peace Edition™
Nov 2007 A Deserving Target of Scorn
Feb 2008 Compare And Contrast
Nov 2007 Happy "Death to America" Day
Nov 2007 Muhammed Muheisen, Siding with the Terrorists
Nov 2007 Pakistan's Curious Little Jihadi Problem
Nov 2007 Terrorists Ask, Press Answers
Nov 2007 Drilling Buddha
Nov 2007 Fire Doll Photo: Reuters Responds (UPDATED)
Oct 2007 Israel "Strikes" Hamas Police Station?
Oct 2007 Celebrating the Victory of Thugs
Oct 2007 An American First: Reuters Fauxtography Hits California?
Nov 2007 Pining for Equipment Damage
Nov 2007 Repetitious Repetitiveness in Repetition
Oct 2007 On the Infinite Zionist Conspiracy
Nov 2007 Honour, Decency, and Crocodile Tears
Nov 2007 Daily Dictator, "It Lives" Edition
Oct 2007 Happy Al-Quds West-Hating Fun Day
Oct 2007 Oh, the Humanity!
Sep 2007 Israeli Dog Bites Thuggish Man
Sep 2007 Those "Unfair" Israeli Jails
Sep 2007 "We are Peaceful Towards All Nations"
Sep 2007 Daily Dictator, Columbia Edition
Nov 2007 Reasoned Debate, Jihadi-Style
Sep 2007 Happy Ramadan
Sep 2007 The Religion of Peace (and Tolerance)
Jun 2008 Rage Boy in Training
Sep 2007 The All-Seeing Eyes
Sep 2007 A Club, Most Exclusive
Sep 2007 Pakistani Firestorm
Sep 2007 World's Beatdown Superstar™
Sep 2007 Too Cool for the Room
Sep 2007 Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow?
Sep 2007 Pervasive Aggrandizement
Sep 2007 The Religion of Peace (and guns)
Aug 2007 Another Peaceful Friday in the Gaza Strip
Sep 2007 Swedish Cartoon Rage Rising
Nov 2007 MEMRI makes the Wires!
Nov 2007 Religion of Border-Hopping (and Peace!)
Aug 2007 Sacre Bleu! (Or: French Fauxtography Follies)
Aug 2007 Happy Birthday, Brian!
Jun 2008 This is a Beautiful Thing
Aug 2007 Feel the Flames of Hate
Aug 2007 Daily Dictator
Aug 2007 Admirable Restraint
Aug 2007 At Least There is No Shortage of Water
Aug 2007 The Religion of Peaceful Youths
Aug 2007 "Abu Ammar Brigades" Rises Again?
Nov 2007 Potato Gun, Israeli-Style
Jul 2007 Imagine
Jul 2007 Nasser Likes Revolving Doors?
Jul 2007 Al Aqsa Glowing Tribute: A Hamas Reaction
Jul 2007 Humanizing the Unhuman
Jul 2008 Islamic Rage Boy Parody Roundup
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: Day Three
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: Day Two
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: A Thoughtful Reaction
Nov 2007 SIXTH Bombing in Lebanon!
Jun 2007 A Simple Explanation
Jun 2007 Associated Press promotes the Blogosphere?
Jun 2007 Fifth Bombing in Lebanon: Averted!
Jun 2007 Making Every Day a Happy Naksa
Jun 2007 Selective Victimology
Jun 2007 FOURTH bombing in Lebanon!
Jun 2007 Mission Accomplished: They got Jughead!
Jun 2007 Okay, Now it's Official...
Jun 2007 Shameful Propaganda
Mar 2008 Worse than Useless
May 2007 Daily Dictator
Jun 2007 Not Murderous Enough?
May 2007 Cause and Effect
Jun 2007 Shades of Qana
May 2007 Who Knew?
May 2007 When Bad Things happen to Bad People
Jun 2007 Phoning It In
May 2007 Daily Dictator
Jun 2007 Nasser the Jailed-hearted
May 2007 Globally Biased
May 2007 Happy "Stand With Terror" Day
May 2007 Glorifying the Terrorist Cause
May 2007 Daily Dictator
May 2007 Lebanon "Hudna" Day 2: Still Embedded with the Enemy
May 2007 AFP Broken "Hudna" Alert
May 2007 A Hotbed of Terror
May 2007 Useless Nations
Jun 2007 A Lack of Relevant Information
Mar 2008 The Terrorist-Media Complex
May 2007 The Terrorist Thug-ocracy
May 2007 Still More Principled
Nov 2007 Terror Attack in Lebanon?
Jan 2008 Their Naqba is My Joy
May 2007 No Problem Here, Right?
May 2007 Daily Dictator
May 2007 Fauxbama-mania Alert?
Mar 2008 Anatomy of a Palestinian Funeral
May 2007 Daily Dictator
Mar 2008 God's Little Propagandists
May 2007 Unhappy May Day
Mar 2008 Thuggery and Press Conferences
Apr 2007 Can You Say "Irony"
Feb 2008 Iranian "Army Day"... of Peace
Apr 2007 Palestinian "Prisoner Day"
Apr 2007 Oded Balilty, Pulitzer Winner 2007
Apr 2007 Allan Detrich Likes Photoshop
Apr 2007 Daily Dictator
Apr 2007 And a Happy Nuclear Day to you too
Apr 2007 Creative Cropping 101
Apr 2007 NIGHTMARE: Tsunami hits Solomon Islands!
Mar 2008 Free College for a Photo Op?
May 2007 Daily Dictator
Mar 2008 Magical Self-Destructing Houses
Jun 2007 Happy Friday, y'all
Mar 2007 Happy Day!
Mar 2007 Brief Observations
Mar 2007 Daily Dictator (and his enabler)
Mar 2008 Familiar Faces?
Mar 2007 It must be Friday again...
Mar 2007 Daily Dictator (Bonus Round)
Mar 2007 Daily Dictator
Mar 2008 Job Hunting, Jihadi-style
Mar 2008 Selective Outrage Syndrome, Day OF RAGE!
May 2007 Daily Dictator (Bonus Round)
Mar 2008 Putting Chaos into Context
Jun 2007 What are the odds?
Jun 2007 A Very Telling Omission
Mar 2008 Something Odd
Jun 2007 The Religion of Peace (and silly poses)
Mar 2008 Allegedly Alleged Militants
May 2007 Preparing for the Big Announcement?
Mar 2008 The Commonality of Murderousness
Nov 2007 Nice Ceasefire!
Jun 2007 A fine, shining, peaceful "youth"
Dec 2006 The Religion of Peace (and burnin' stuff!)
Dec 2006 Intra-fada
May 2007 Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) supports terrorism!
Mar 2008 Qana, we hardly knew Ye! (Bumped)
Mar 2008 Hezbullah's Blatant Manipulation of the Press
Mar 2008 Cheerleading for the Terrorists
Oct 2007 The Religion of Peace (and molotov cocktails)
Nov 2006 The Religion of Peace (and unbalanced reporting)
Mar 2008 Distorting Context through Photography
Oct 2006 Nope, I'm still not angry
Oct 2006 Spanish photographer FREED, details on the way
Jul 2007 Spanish photographer taken captive in Gaza
Oct 2006 Y'all thought I was just kidding
Jan 2008 Al-Quds Day = "Blame Da Joooos" Day
Oct 2006 The Religion of Peace (and tired old insults)
Mar 2008 Divine marketing agency?
Jun 2007 Still embedded with extremists
Mar 2008 A good start!
Oct 2006 A brief flash of truth?
Oct 2006 Propaganda watch
Oct 2006 PTL: Day of rage leads to airline hijacking. SHOCKING ENDING!
Mar 2008 Charles beat me to it
Mar 2008 The looming Palestinian civil war
Mar 2008 Watching the watchers
May 2007 Dictatorship Shot of the Day
Sep 2006 There's another one for ya
Sep 2006 Macabre-land
Mar 2008 Nasser the Lion-hearted
Oct 2007 Those dastardly Zionists!
Nov 2007 The smiley coup?
Sep 2006 On militias
May 2007 Dictatorship Shot of the Day
Sep 2006 Nothing to worry about here
Mar 2008 Fauxtography in search of a point
Mar 2008 Moneychangers outside the temple?
Mar 2008 ________ stirs up Muslim anger
Sep 2006 Drive-by diplomacy
Sep 2006 The incredible relocatable... Religious festival?
Sep 2006 An unlikely shot?
Sep 2006 The incredible relocatable protest
Sep 2006 The religion of peace (and bazookas)
Jun 2007 OUR COWARDLY PRESS--Or, "Yet more of the same"
Sep 2006 Hezbullah recruiting leftists world-wide?
Sep 2006 The most stifling of stifles
Sep 2006 Hanging by a thread
Jun 2007 Like father, like son
Aug 2006 The environmentally-conscious demonstrator
Aug 2006 More money shots
Jun 2007 The incredible moving militant?
Aug 2006 Somebody likes destruction
Jul 2007 The definition of tolerance
Sep 2006 This doesn't look right
Aug 2006 Truth in captioning
Jun 2007 Typical
Aug 2006 That which is left unsaid
Aug 2006 Job Listing: Seeking senior propagandist
Aug 2006 Unexploded excitement
Aug 2006 Another context-free zone
Aug 2006 The lowest common denominator
Aug 2006 "Flat Fatima" spotted again?
Aug 2006 Geospatial confusion
Aug 2006 Creative Captioning 101
Mar 2008 A sudden lack of context
Aug 2006 The company REUTERS keeps
Aug 2006 Captain Obvious strikes again
Aug 2006 And while I'm on the topic
Aug 2006 Finally, the qualifier!
Aug 2006 That's odd...
Apr 2008 Photographer attempts rebuttal of Qanagate scandal
Aug 2006 When is a man, more than a man?
Aug 2006 A question of labels
Aug 2006 Round-Up: Revival of the intifada?
Aug 2006 Get ready for more propaganda
Aug 2006 Built like a Jeep?
Aug 2006 "V" is for "Victory"
Aug 2006 Qana Bodies Planted?
Aug 2007 "Spontaneous" demonstrations
Aug 2006 Shoot until the rubble bounces?
May 2007 One man's rubble
May 2007 An exercise in conservative captioning
May 2007 Not so horrific?
May 2007 Morning Edition
May 2007 Beirut, we have a problem...
May 2007 One and the same
Aug 2006 Related stories
May 2007 Know thy enemies
Aug 2006 Remarkable...
Mar 2008 Horrific
Mar 2008 Does this mean we're winning?
Aug 2006 How about correcting your record?
Aug 2006 The Washington Post has noticed LGF
May 2007 Hands up, Eyes skyward!
May 2007 Daily Fodder 8/9/2006
May 2007 Inflame the masses
Aug 2006 Food for thought
May 2007 Daily Fodder 8/8/2006
Mar 2008 Laying it on thick
Mar 2008 Compare and Contrast time!
Aug 2006 Good enough for the Gray Lady?
Aug 2006 Reuters: Not trying to "make a statement?"
Aug 2006 Time to circle the wagons, Shane?
Feb 2009 The Passion of the Toys

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