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Stories tagged with "Obamassiah"

Jun 2010 Putting It In Perspective
Nov 2009 Let The Misery Continue
Nov 2009 President Suck-Up
Nov 2009 AP: Dithering And Indecisiveness Can Be A Good Thing
Nov 2009 Thought For The Day
Mar 2009 Obama Loves Unemployment
Feb 2009 Media: Why Hide The Bias Any More?
Oct 2008 The Company You Keep!
Nov 2008 A Little Ostentatious Don't Ya Think?
Nov 2008 Is This The Change You Believe In?
Nov 2008 Its A Good Thing Obama Is Not A Socialist
Nov 2008 Daily Dictator: USA Version
Sep 2008 Obama Asks Illegals To Vote For Him For A Change
Sep 2008 Obama: Treasonous Behaviour?
Aug 2008 Scenes From The Mount of Ascension
Aug 2008 Wife Swap, the Democrat way
Aug 2008 By His Friends, You Shall Know Him, #2
Aug 2008 In The Tank Much?

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