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Stories tagged with "REUTERS"

Sep 2011 Thank Heavens
Sep 2011 Caffeine
Sep 2011 Balls
Sep 2011 A Donkey Named Moammar
Aug 2011 Happy Al-Qods Day Of Introspection, Now With 100% More Jew-Hating!
Aug 2011 Hate Scouts
Aug 2011 Crass
Aug 2011 Crocodile Tears
Aug 2011 That's Not Creepy
Aug 2011 Boys' Club
Aug 2011 In Love
Aug 2011 Relevance
Jul 2011 Barack Obama is Upset
Jul 2011 Contagion
Jul 2011 Go Fly a Kite
Jul 2011 Women with Guns
Jul 2011 The Coward Returns
Jul 2011 Giant Muammar Gaddafi
Jul 2011 Equal Opportunity
Jul 2011 This Is Obama's Military
Jul 2011 Your UN Dollars, Continued
Jul 2011 That Giant Television Again
Jul 2011 Your UN Dollars At Work
Jul 2011 Choosing Sides
Jul 2011 Bravery in Afghanistan
Jul 2011 Falling Down
Jul 2011 Hyundai-Hopping
Jul 2011 Summer Camp
Jul 2011 Priorities
Jul 2011 Forcing the Meme
Jul 2011 Bad Georgia
Jun 2011 Monster Truck
Jun 2011 Extreme Astroturfing
Jun 2011 World Biggest Satan
Jun 2011 On Refugee Camps
Jun 2011 Projection Queen
Jun 2011 Giant Wall Speaks
May 2011 On Intent
May 2011 Wall Art
May 2011 Nice Sunglasses
May 2011 Obama's Partners in Peace
May 2011 The Background Provides the Story
May 2011 The Palestinian National Anthem
May 2011 Bashar's Buddies
May 2011 Storm Troopers
May 2011 The Unthinkable
May 2011 Spoilsport XV
May 2011 Spoilsport XIV
May 2011 Spoilsport XIII
May 2011 Spoilsport XII
May 2011 Spoilsport XI
May 2011 Demolition Derby
May 2011 Not Touching These
May 2011 Spoilsport IX
May 2011 Reconciliation Fever
May 2011 Spoilsport VI
May 2011 Spoilsport IV
Apr 2011 Obama Weeps
Apr 2011 Out of Proportion
Apr 2011 True Believers
Apr 2011 Ulterior Motives
Apr 2011 All Bottled Up
Mar 2011 Incredibly Angry Guy Sighting
Mar 2011 On Winged Flight
Mar 2011 The Great Wall of Cowardice
Mar 2011 Rally for Rights (And Terrorists)
Mar 2011 Reuters Leaves Something Out
Mar 2011 Touchdown
Mar 2011 On Guided Government Tours
Mar 2011 Defaced Depictions
Feb 2011 The Language of Leftists
Feb 2011 Incredible!
Feb 2011 Mourning a Man Named Jihad
Feb 2011 Blue Skies
Feb 2011 John Kerry Has Been Hung
Feb 2011 FEMEN Fan
Feb 2011 A Flock of Women
Feb 2011 A Medicine Factory, Of Course
Feb 2011 Bread Head
Feb 2011 Abnormals
Jan 2011 HORROR!
Jan 2011 Fireworks
Jan 2011 Angry Communists
Jan 2011 Proper Funeral Attire
Jan 2011 Glamour Shots
Jan 2011 Rage Against the Pop
Jan 2011 Perspective
Jan 2011 What Could Go Wrong?
Jan 2011 Literal Symbolism
Jan 2011 The Test
Dec 2010 Slacking
Dec 2010 Muslim Children Chant Slogans
Dec 2010 The Srinagar Screamer
Dec 2010 Steadfast
Dec 2010 A Well-Deserved Win
Nov 2010 Nice Boat
Nov 2010 The Caption is Key
Nov 2010 Splendid
Oct 2010 Leading the Context
Oct 2010 Caption Thuggo Chavez
Oct 2010 Absolute Relativism
Oct 2010 He Who Pulls The Strings
Sep 2010 Slow Mo Sighting
Sep 2010 Journalism in Practice
Aug 2010 Celebrating Ramadan in Kashmir
Aug 2010 Celebrating Ramadan in Kashmir
Aug 2010 Fanbase
Aug 2010 That's Gotta Hurt
Aug 2010 Today's Ramadan Theme Is Checkpoints
Aug 2010 Islamic Charity
Aug 2010 Protest Etiquette
Aug 2010 Kashmiri Militants React to Flooding
Aug 2010 Getting Warmer
Aug 2010 No Problem Here
Aug 2010 Memo to Fayaz Kabli and Dar Yasin
Aug 2010 Hassan "Bunker Buster" Nasrallah
Aug 2010 Loos Spelliing
Aug 2010 Scout Camp
Jul 2010 Extreme Closeup Angst!
Jul 2010 The Virus is Spreading
Jul 2010 Incredibly Angry Guy Sighting
Jul 2010 The Image of Starvation and Horror
Jul 2010 Reuters Uses the "D" Word
Jul 2010 Comical
Jul 2010 Ultra Orthodox Jaw
Jul 2010 Photographers Roughed Up in Hebron
Apr 2010 With Enamys Like These
Apr 2010 Bubblehead
Mar 2010 Still Death
Feb 2010 Surreal Life
Feb 2010 Overexposed
Jan 2010 Blending In
Jan 2010 International Peace Activists are Idiots
Jan 2010 The Hazards of Getting Too Close [BUMPED]
Dec 2009 The Deadliest Outbreak
Dec 2009 Just Think: This Could Be Your Healthcare!
Dec 2009 The Observer Effect
Dec 2009 Shoulder Surfing
Dec 2009 Unintentional Fun
Dec 2009 Pack Journalism Writ Large
Dec 2009 Playing with the Cameras
Dec 2009 That's Some Scuffle
Nov 2009 Unclinched Press
Nov 2009 Our Remote Control President
Nov 2009 The Height of Responsibility
Nov 2009 Solidarity Illustrated
Oct 2009 Point of Order for Reuters
Oct 2009 Journalism Envy
Oct 2009 The Economy, In Park
Oct 2009 Burning Cannabis
Oct 2009 Smarterest Protester of Evuh!
Oct 2009 Gimpy Throw!
Oct 2009 Kids Are So Cute
Oct 2009 Slow News Day Marathon
Oct 2009 Jihadi Crüe
Oct 2009 PETA ALERT: Animal Abuse in Palestine?
Oct 2009 We Get It
Oct 2009 Puppetry
Mar 2009 Flatulence
Mar 2009 Six Words Make All The Difference
Mar 2009 Rainy Day Awesomeness
Feb 2009 Sure Thing!
Feb 2009 Playing to the Cameras
Feb 2009 I Bet it Improves with Each Telling
Jan 2009 Bombing on Tribs Obama
Jan 2009 Fadi Arouri (Reuters) is my New Best Friend!
Jan 2009 Their Parents Must Be So Proud
Dec 2008 Reuters Does Sloppy Journalism
Dec 2008 Iranian Peaceplanes
Dec 2008 Worst. Warcrimes. Ever.
Dec 2008 They're Just Simple Folken
Dec 2008 Keep Trying, You'll Get There
Dec 2008 Artfail
Dec 2008 The Irony is Not Lost On Me
Dec 2008 Getting Past the Narrative
Dec 2008 Fadi Arouri (Reuters) is a Baby
Dec 2008 Atoms for the Lord, Amen
Dec 2008 Shocking Revelation: College Students Hate Bush!
Dec 2008 Repeat After Me: Journalists Are Impartial
Dec 2008 Photographers In Love
Dec 2008 That's Some Rock!
Dec 2008 Not Clowning Around
Dec 2008 Another Great Photo of the Year
Dec 2008 (Wo)manhandled
Dec 2008 Subtle
Nov 2008 Does Not Compute
Nov 2008 Burning Narcotics
Nov 2008 Reuters goes Tabloid?
Nov 2008 It's Fozzie!
Nov 2008 The AP Loves Propaganda
Nov 2008 Photo of the Day
Nov 2008 Reuters Interprets Scripture
Nov 2008 Bow to Toyota™
Nov 2008 Hamas Does Public Relations
Nov 2008 My Kind of Laboratory!
Nov 2008 Tiresome
Oct 2008 Reuters' Priorities
Oct 2008 Wire Phun-tography
Sep 2008 Yasin Malik, the Shrinking Lilly of Kashmir
Sep 2008 Reuters Photographer: Embedded with the Enemy?
Sep 2008 Lie Down With Dogs
Aug 2008 Cheerleading for the Terrorists
Aug 2008 YMC-AAaaarggh!
Aug 2008 Prosperity
Aug 2008 One Man's Protest
Aug 2008 Look, Ma!
Jun 2008 This One Gets My Vote
Jun 2008 Death to America (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
Jun 2008 I Hate Saletax Cess!
Jun 2008 Rage Boy (Impersonator) Sighting
Jun 2008 This is a Beautiful Thing, Part Deux
May 2008 Rage Journalist
May 2008 Almost Nakba 2008: Israel is a Racits
May 2008 Reuters Photographer Beaten... by Hezbullah?
May 2008 Palestinian Hulk Sighting
Jun 2008 This Is Real Picture
Oct 2009 Nice Shootin', Tex!
Apr 2008 Eulogizing Etiquette... and Copyright?
Apr 2008 Palestinian Fauxtography? (BUMPED)
Apr 2008 Department of Redundancy Department
Mar 2008 Rage Duuuuude Sighting
Mar 2008 Forget the Rockets
Mar 2008 It Must Be "Youths"day
Mar 2008 "Imperealist"
Mar 2008 Serial Funeralist
Mar 2008 Inflame the Masses
Mar 2008 Doing it for the Cameras
Mar 2008 Crush Denmark
Mar 2008 Did You Know?
Mar 2008 Happy International "It" Day
Aug 2008 Bycott Bycott Bycott
Mar 2008 Pakistani Peacemakers
Feb 2008 Happy Denmark Day... of RAGE!
Feb 2008 Anti-Danish Rage, Indonesian Edition
Feb 2008 Gaza: Still Ragin' Against Denmark
Feb 2008 2.. 4.. 6.. 8
Feb 2008 Happy (Raging) Kashmir Day!
Feb 2008 Gaza Dog Bites Media Hand
Jan 2008 Rafah Rioting
Feb 2008 Worldwide Anti-Israeli Day of RAGE!
Jan 2008 Rage Giant Sighting
Jan 2008 So Peaceful, So Serene
Feb 2008 The Unwitting Propagandist
Jan 2008 BOMBING IN BEIRUT: American Diplomatic Car Targeted?
Jan 2008 A Happy Tear
Dec 2007 Epic Fail Protest
Jan 2008 When In A Pinch
Dec 2007 Daily Dictator
Dec 2007 Etiquette Guide to Appropriate Dress
Feb 2008 Adha Mubarak: PETA Stands Silent
Dec 2007 Truth in Advertising
Dec 2007 (Friend of) Rage Boy Sighting
Dec 2007 The Art of Taking Sides
Dec 2007 Bombing in Beirut!
Dec 2007 Explosion in Beirut?
Dec 2007 This Is Madness
Dec 2007 Saturday Phunnies
Dec 2007 A Litany of Endless Demands
Feb 2008 The Art of Copying Each Other
Dec 2007 Shifting Targets
Nov 2007 Anti-Annapolis Protests: Day 2?
Nov 2007 Berries, for Berries' Sake
Nov 2007 Worldwide Anti-Annapolis Protests: Day 1
Nov 2007 A Society Without Parallels
Nov 2007 "Clashes" at Arafat Memorial
Nov 2007 Pseudo-Protesters: Unquestioned
Nov 2007 Children of Convenience
Nov 2007 Intra-Fada: Partner in Peace Edition™
Feb 2008 Compare And Contrast
Nov 2007 A Continued Astroturfing
Nov 2007 Happy "Death to America" Day
Nov 2007 Terrorists Ask, Press Answers
Nov 2007 Fire Doll Photo: Reuters Responds (UPDATED)
Oct 2007 Israel "Strikes" Hamas Police Station?
Oct 2007 Partners In Peace
Oct 2007 Celebrating the Victory of Thugs
Oct 2007 An American First: Reuters Fauxtography Hits California?
Oct 2007 On the Infinite Zionist Conspiracy
Nov 2007 Honour, Decency, and Crocodile Tears
Oct 2007 Happy Al-Quds West-Hating Fun Day
Oct 2007 Becoming a Part of the Story
Oct 2007 Daily Dictator, Heart Attack Edition
Sep 2007 Those "Unfair" Israeli Jails, Part Deux
Sep 2007 Israeli Dog Bites Thuggish Man
Dec 2007 The Newsworthiness of News
Sep 2007 Happy Ramadan
Sep 2007 Embedded with the Enemy, Happy Ramadan Special
Sep 2007 Idiocy on Film
Sep 2007 Incredible Depth
Sep 2007 Peekaboo!
Jun 2008 Rage Boy in Training
Sep 2007 Embedded with the Enemy
Sep 2007 Pakistani Firestorm
Sep 2007 World's Beatdown Superstar™
Sep 2007 Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow?
Sep 2007 Pervasive Aggrandizement
Sep 2007 The Religion of Peace (and guns)
Aug 2007 Another Peaceful Friday in the Gaza Strip
Sep 2007 Swedish Cartoon Rage Rising
Aug 2007 Daily Dictator
Nov 2007 Religion of Border-Hopping (and Peace!)
Aug 2007 Daily Dictator
Aug 2007 Anti-Semitism at Reuters?
Aug 2007 Feel the Flames of Hate
Aug 2007 Daily Dictator
Aug 2007 Admirable Restraint
Nov 2007 Potato Gun, Israeli-Style
Nov 2007 Know Thy Enemies
Nov 2007 A Bad Day for Reuters
Oct 2007 Whose Victory?
Jul 2007 Terrorist Chic
Jul 2007 Imagine
Jul 2007 The Slowest Reconstruction in History
Jul 2007 Selective Mourning
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: Day Three
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: Day Two
Jun 2007 "Sir" Salman Rushdie: A Thoughtful Reaction
Jun 2007 A Kinder, Gentler Jihad (Bumped)
Oct 2007 Dare I say Quagmire?
Jun 2007 A Simple Explanation
Jun 2007 Fifth Bombing in Lebanon: Averted!
Jun 2007 Amongst Friends
Jun 2007 Making Every Day a Happy Naksa
Jun 2007 FOURTH bombing in Lebanon!
Jun 2007 Daily Dictator
Jun 2007 Mission Accomplished: They got Jughead!
Jun 2007 Okay, Now it's Official...
Jun 2007 Record Speed!
May 2007 Daily Dictator
Jun 2007 Not Murderous Enough?
Jun 2007 Shades of Qana
Jun 2007 Phoning It In
May 2007 Daily Dictator
May 2007 Daily Dictator
May 2007 Lebanon "Hudna" Day 2: Still Embedded with the Enemy
May 2007 A Hotbed of Terror
May 2007 Useless Nations
Mar 2008 The Terrorist-Media Complex
May 2007 The Terrorist Thug-ocracy
May 2007 Still More Principled
Nov 2007 Terror Attack in Lebanon?
Mar 2008 Another "Cease-Fire" Rocket Attack
May 2007 E-mailing with the Enemy
Jan 2008 Their Naqba is My Joy
May 2007 No Problem Here, Right?
May 2007 A Matter of Perspective
Mar 2008 Anatomy of a Palestinian Funeral
May 2007 Daily Dictator
May 2007 Unhappy May Day
May 2007 Daily Letter-Slinging
Mar 2008 Thuggery and Press Conferences
Mar 2008 Embedded with the Enemy
Mar 2008 The Irony is Not Lost on Me
Apr 2007 Embedded with the Enemy
Feb 2008 Iranian "Army Day"... of Peace
Apr 2007 Palestinian "Prisoner Day"
Apr 2007 Daily Dictator
Apr 2007 And a Happy Nuclear Day to you too
Apr 2007 NIGHTMARE: Tsunami hits Solomon Islands!
Mar 2008 Magical Self-Destructing Houses
Jun 2007 Happy Friday, y'all
Mar 2007 Happy Day!
Mar 2008 Job Hunting, Jihadi-style
Mar 2008 Selective Outrage Syndrome, Day OF RAGE!
May 2007 Daily "Look, He's Not Dead"
Mar 2008 Putting Chaos into Context
Jun 2007 What are the odds?
May 2007 Daily Dictator
Jun 2007 A Very Telling Omission
Jan 2007 An Obviously Last Resort
Jan 2007 One man's "protest"
Mar 2008 Something Odd
May 2007 Daily Dictator
Jan 2007 The Religion of Peace (and knifing da JOOS)
Mar 2008 Allegedly Alleged Militants
Oct 2007 Jaime Razuri has been released!
Mar 2008 The Commonality of Murderousness
Nov 2007 Nice Ceasefire!
Dec 2006 Intra-fada
Dec 2006 And people wonder
Mar 2008 Qana, we hardly knew Ye! (Bumped)
Oct 2007 Ahh, the beauty of militant Islam...
Mar 2008 Hezbullah's Blatant Manipulation of the Press
Mar 2008 Cheerleading for the Terrorists
Oct 2007 Useful Idiots
Oct 2007 I Dream of Jihad
May 2007 Daily Dictator
May 2007 Embedded with the Enemy
Oct 2007 The Religion of Peace (and molotov cocktails)
Mar 2008 Distorting Context through Photography
May 2007 Daily Dictator
Jan 2008 Al-Quds Day = "Blame Da Joooos" Day
Oct 2006 Hate poverty to death
Oct 2007 What's missing from this report?
Jun 2007 Still embedded with extremists
Mar 2008 A good start!
Oct 2006 A brief flash of truth?
Jun 2007 Palestinian Civil War--€”still pending?
Oct 2006 Fauxtographic flag
Mar 2008 The looming Palestinian civil war
May 2007 Dictatorship Shot of the Day
Mar 2008 Nasser the Lion-hearted
Oct 2007 Those dastardly Zionists!
Nov 2007 The smiley coup?
Sep 2006 On militias
Mar 2008 Fauxtography in search of a point
Sep 2006 Distinct symbolism
Mar 2008 Moneychangers outside the temple?
Mar 2008 ________ stirs up Muslim anger
Sep 2006 Drive-by diplomacy
Sep 2006 Too little, Too late!
May 2007 Crocodile tears
Sep 2006 So (stereo)typical
Sep 2006 The incredible relocatable... Religious festival?
Sep 2006 An unlikely shot?
Sep 2006 The incredible relocatable protest
Jun 2007 OUR COWARDLY PRESS--Or, "Yet more of the same"
Sep 2006 Not just a river in Egypt
Sep 2006 Entertainment for Entertainment's Sake!
Aug 2006 One photographer's wish
Aug 2006 More money shots
Aug 2006 Somebody likes destruction
Sep 2006 This doesn't look right
Jun 2007 Typical
Aug 2006 Unexploded excitement
Aug 2006 Another context-free zone
Aug 2006 A brief flash of honesty
Aug 2006 The Salvation Army of Terrorists rolls on!
Aug 2006 A distinct lack of respect
Aug 2006 The lowest common denominator
Mar 2008 A sudden lack of context
Aug 2006 The company REUTERS keeps
Aug 2006 And while I'm on the topic
Aug 2006 Round-Up: Revival of the intifada?
Aug 2006 Get ready for more propaganda
Aug 2006 Another case of bouncing rubble?
Aug 2007 "Spontaneous" demonstrations
Aug 2006 Shoot until the rubble bounces?
Aug 2006 Is anybody listening out there?
May 2007 One and the same
Aug 2006 Related stories
May 2007 Attempted equivalence?
May 2007 Hands up, Eyes skyward!
May 2007 World of difference
Aug 2006 Reuters: Not trying to "make a statement?"
Aug 2006 Time to circle the wagons, Shane?
Feb 2009 The Passion of the Toys

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