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Jan 2009 Hope And Change, Fulfilled
Dec 2008 Will This Get The Same Publicity?
Dec 2008 Oops!
Dec 2008 Oh, Yeah!
Dec 2008 Bird Flu Outbreak In South Florida
Dec 2008 NewsBusted News Update
Dec 2008 In The Head
Dec 2008 Enough Is Enough!
Dec 2008 Cool Picture
Nov 2008 The Disappearing Rabbit Trick!
Nov 2008 Huh?
Nov 2008 Great News!
Nov 2008 Another Video JihadTube Doesn't Want You To See
Nov 2008 Add Yoga...
Nov 2008 Al Franken Says This Voter's Intent Is 'Unclear'
Nov 2008 Yikes!
Nov 2008 U.N. Calls Israeli Blockade "Inhuman" And "Barbaric;" Ignores Missile Attacks Against Civilians
Nov 2008 Dead Bali Bomber Pictures
Nov 2008 File This Under Boo-Friggin'-Hoo
Nov 2008 What To Expect From An Obama Administration
Nov 2008 Understanding Obama: The Making of a Füehrer
Nov 2008 Obama Tax Cut Shelved
Nov 2008 Remember Those Who Served
Nov 2008 An Obama Supporter Walks Into A Bar And Finds An Empty Bar Seat...
Nov 2008 Obama Ready To Rule America
Nov 2008 "I Used To Be Fat & Black..."
Nov 2008 Obama To Close Gitmo
Nov 2008 Obama's First Official Change™
Nov 2008 But Is It Sharia Compliant?
Nov 2008 End Of The World As We Know It
Nov 2008 Bye, Bye American Pie
Nov 2008 Obama's Victory Speech Word Cloud
Nov 2008 Where No Grasshopper Has Gone Before
Nov 2008 White Racists Elect Black Man For President!
Nov 2008 Change
Nov 2008 Snap Shot
Nov 2008 Barack Hussein Obama: Use "Price Signals" To Change Behavior
Nov 2008 This Will Be Our Year
Nov 2008 New Disturbing Connections Bewteen Obama And Weather Underground
Nov 2008 Just A Reminder...
Nov 2008 Young Obama Voters Turn Out In Record Numbers
Nov 2008 A Meaningful Endorsement: If Iraqis Could Vote, It Would Be For McCain
Oct 2008 Dear Mr. Obama
Oct 2008 Obama's First Task As President: Lower Expectations
Oct 2008 HuffPo Writer Goes Nutters
Oct 2008 Election Making You Ill?
Oct 2008 Music Videos, Literally
Oct 2008 8 Reasons Why Obama Might Not Win
Oct 2008 Obama Marxism For Dummies
Oct 2008 I Voted!
Oct 2008 Obama In 2001: "Redistribute The Wealth"
Oct 2008 Fairfax County Tossing Military Votes?
Oct 2008 Another Glowing Endorsement For Barack Hussein Obama
Oct 2008 Obama's National Anthem
Oct 2008 Must-See Ad From John McCain
Oct 2008 Obama's Tax Plan = BS
Oct 2008 Obama Campaign Angered By Tough Questions
Oct 2008 Crossroads
Oct 2008 Barack Hussein Obama, Socialist
Oct 2008 Scary Thought
Oct 2008 Race Baiting, Obama Style
Oct 2008 Obama Not Eligible For Presidency?
Oct 2008 Let Me See If I've Got This Right...
Oct 2008 BREAKING: U.S. Military Is RACIST!
Oct 2008 An Ad McCain Wouldn't Dare To Air
Oct 2008 UK To "Rehabilitate" Terrorists
Oct 2008 Ask A Question, Become A Target
Oct 2008 Biden: Obama Has 'It'.
Oct 2008 Polls Know?
Oct 2008 Iran Discovers Pigeon Platoon
Oct 2008 U.S. Attorney Philip Berg To Represent API On Michelle Obama Tapes
Oct 2008 Racism To Cause Drop In Polls?
Oct 2008
Oct 2008 'For It Is The Doom Of Men That They Forget.'
Oct 2008 Barack Hussein Obama's Hidden Agenda?
Oct 2008 Barack Hussein Obama: Part of the Problem
Oct 2008 Here's Something For Manly Men
Oct 2008 FBI Admits What Islamophobics Have Known For A While: Honor Killings In America
Oct 2008 In Case You Were Wondering What I Did On Monday...
Oct 2008 Race Baiting 101
Oct 2008 Vote With Your Conscience
Oct 2008 Allah's Dark Humor
Oct 2008 Do They Have This For Blogging?
Oct 2008 Traitor?
Oct 2008 Zo Sez
Oct 2008 Sheriff Under Investigation For Using Barack Hussein Obama's Middle Name
Oct 2008 Prepare For November
Oct 2008 Obama Supporting Islamic Radicals?
Oct 2008 The Forbidden Clip
Oct 2008 CNN Debunks... CNN?
Oct 2008 Obama's Police State
Oct 2008 The Truth About Jihad & The Crusades
Oct 2008 Obama: Attacking White People Justified
Oct 2008 I Am Utmost Important
Oct 2008 Commenting Problems
Oct 2008 Bailout Supporting Terrorists?
Oct 2008 Robert Spencer Interviews Geert Wilders, Part 1
Oct 2008 Well, It Worked!
Oct 2008 Why They Call Her a "Pitbull With Lipstick"

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