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Stories tagged with "fauxtography"

Sep 2008 Palintography
Aug 2008 More Fauxtography from the Toledo Blade? [Update: Nope!]
Aug 2008 Climate Fauxtography!
Jul 2008 Iranian Missile Launch (of PEACE)
Apr 2008 The Peace Bus
Mar 2008 Fauxtography: Ahmadinejad Style?
Mar 2008 Fauxtography, Jihadi-Style
Nov 2007 Fire Doll Photo: Reuters Responds (UPDATED)
Oct 2007 An American First: Reuters Fauxtography Hits California?
Aug 2007 Sacre Bleu! (Or: French Fauxtography Follies)
May 2007 Fauxbama-mania Alert?
Mar 2008 God's Little Propagandists
Apr 2007 Allan Detrich Likes Photoshop
Apr 2007 Creative Cropping 101
Mar 2008 Free College for a Photo Op?
Aug 2006 Somebody likes destruction
Jul 2007 The definition of tolerance
Aug 2006 Unexploded excitement
Aug 2006 The company REUTERS keeps
Aug 2006 That's odd...
Apr 2008 Photographer attempts rebuttal of Qanagate scandal
Aug 2006 When is a man, more than a man?
Aug 2006 A question of labels
Aug 2006 Round-Up: Revival of the intifada?
Aug 2006 Get ready for more propaganda
Aug 2006 Built like a Jeep?
Aug 2006 "V" is for "Victory"
Aug 2006 Qana Bodies Planted?
May 2007 Beirut, we have a problem...
May 2007 One and the same
Aug 2006 Related stories
Aug 2006 Remarkable...
Mar 2008 Horrific
Aug 2006 How about correcting your record?
Aug 2006 The Washington Post has noticed LGF
May 2007 Hands up, Eyes skyward!
May 2007 Daily Fodder 8/9/2006
Aug 2006 Food for thought
May 2007 Daily Fodder 8/8/2006
Mar 2008 Laying it on thick
Mar 2008 Compare and Contrast time!
Aug 2006 Good enough for the Gray Lady?
Aug 2006 Reuters: Not trying to "make a statement?"
Aug 2006 Time to circle the wagons, Shane?
Feb 2009 The Passion of the Toys

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