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Stories tagged with "obama"

May 2011 Barack Mensa Obama
May 2011 Random Internet Post
Aug 2010 Ignorance Illustrated
Jul 2010 Is That A Threat?
Jun 2010 Putting It In Perspective
May 2010 Because The Children Just Aren't Worth It...
Apr 2010 Congress: "Ooops. Maybe we should've READ the dang bill we voted on. Crap!"
Mar 2010 The Government Can!
Mar 2010 Muslims To Be Exempt From Obamacare?
Apr 2010 ObamaCare Hates Business
Apr 2010 Only Idiots Support ObamaCare
Apr 2010 The Beginning of OUR End
Apr 2010 Democrats: Treasonous Party Without Compare
Apr 2010 Who Needs Democracy When You Have Oligarchy
Mar 2010 Why To Hate ObamaCare
Feb 2010 Democrat's Decadent Party
Feb 2010 Forget Islamic Terrorism...
Feb 2010 World According to Obama
Feb 2010 Obama Critics Support Terrorists!
Feb 2010 EXCLUSIVE!!! Obama's Hand Note Revealed!
Jan 2010 I'm Sure He'll Blame Bush...
Jan 2010 The Day ObamaCare Died
Jan 2010 Obama and Dems Once Again Shaft American Workers
Jan 2010 Obama Hates Special Interests, Secrecy, Terrorists, and Capitalism. Well, Really, Just Capitalism
Dec 2009 Why Pass Health Care Reform?
Jul 2010 Is Civil Unrest Inevitable?
Dec 2009 "I Took The Bribe And I'm Proud Of It. You Should Too!"
Nov 2009 Guess What Happens When One Reads The ObamaCare Bill?
Nov 2009 Monkeys May Fly Out...
Nov 2009 Let The Misery Continue
Nov 2009 President Suck-Up
Nov 2009 One Is Like The Other
Nov 2009 AP: Dithering And Indecisiveness Can Be A Good Thing
Nov 2009 Reid: Screw You And That Job You Rode In On
Nov 2009 Using Doom & Gloom To Hype ObamaCare
Nov 2009 Thought For The Day
Nov 2009 The End of America As We Know It
Nov 2009 Pelosi: We Need To Protect Illegals
Mar 2009 Obama Loves Unemployment
Feb 2009 Media: Why Hide The Bias Any More?
Jan 2009 Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!
Jan 2009 Obamanation
Nov 2008 What To Expect From An Obama Administration
Oct 2008 The Company You Keep!
Nov 2008 An Obama Supporter Walks Into A Bar And Finds An Empty Bar Seat...
Nov 2008 A Little Ostentatious Don't Ya Think?
Nov 2008 Is This The Change You Believe In?
Nov 2008 Its A Good Thing Obama Is Not A Socialist
Nov 2008 Obama's First Official Change™
Nov 2008 Obama's Victory Speech Word Cloud
Nov 2008 Change
Nov 2008 Daily Dictator: USA Version
Oct 2008 Obama's First Task As President: Lower Expectations
Oct 2008 Obama Not Eligible For Presidency?
Oct 2008 Let Me See If I've Got This Right...
Oct 2008 BREAKING: U.S. Military Is RACIST!
Oct 2008 Polls Know?
Sep 2008 Obama Asks Illegals To Vote For Him For A Change
Sep 2008 Obama: Treasonous Behaviour?
Aug 2008 Scenes From The Mount of Ascension
Aug 2008 Wife Swap, the Democrat way
Aug 2008 By His Friends, You Shall Know Him, #2
Aug 2008 In The Tank Much?
Aug 2008 Another Glowing Endorsement For Obama
Jun 2008 Daily Dictator (Revised USA Version)
May 2007 Fauxbama-mania Alert?

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