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The Whiningest White House of Ever

Gee, who would've guessed that the White House would've gone running to Mama Media, crying in utter pain over that report from a few days ago.

You know, it used to be that when an Administration—say, one like George W. Bush's—had to deal with endless criticism from the press, it would shrug it off and rise above the petty little criticisms that it felt were so undeserved.

Apparently, our betters on Pennsylvania Avenue have different ideas about what constitutes "proper" press coverage. Ideas which revolve around the press worshipping the current occupant of the White House, no matter what he does. And constantly praising the economy for turning around, even though there are still all of those strangely unemployed out there.

If it weren't for the fact that these thin-skinned idiots have their grubby little hands all over the levers of American governance, I'd almost think this whole situation were funny.

Thanks to Dave in Texas, who is apparently supporting Ace's current embargo on links to Snapped Shot.

Update: Dan Riehl says we're watching two junior high kids fighting behind the teacher's back. Which doesn't really seem like all that far-fetched of an analogy with this bunch.


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