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Dems Make Harming Someone Illegal - Finally!!

Seriously.  How long have we been waiting to make physical harm against people illegal.  I understand that only white people had this protection but white people just don't matter.

When laws were passed years ago to make hurting blacks and women illegal, leftists praised the government for their foresight and ecumenuism.  They were paraded like heroes.  Violence against blacks by women dropped by 94.568% in the intervening years.

But, that wasn't enough.  We stil had random violence by roaving bands of wild white people aggressively slapping people that they did not approve of.  That had to be stopped.

Now, thanks to the energies of Obama's Peace Prize and the royal princes in the Senate, cross-dressing gay black women are now just as equally protected from physical harm as cross-dressing white men.

Everyone grab your carpet and face toward Congress and submit your prostrated praises.  The Dems have saved the day.  Now, (almost) everyone is covered against the vagaries of physical harm by their own individual law.

One wonders though, when goat-loving Mexican hermaphrodites will be protected.

I just wish that our ignorant racist athiest founding fathers would have placed a single statement in that living document that would have said something to the effect that everyone, no matter their place, color, creed, or age could be free from violence and have some form of equality with each other.  Or, if we had a law that made ANY murder or physical harm, illegal.  But, alas, we must continue to overcome our racist past.

Go figure.


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